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ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 12/29/2010

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, December 29, 2010. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 2010 by Charles LePage.

PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.

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Items being released this week per sources other than Diamond Distribution are individually noted.

Acronyms you will find in the lists

  • AR = ask retailer for price
  • GN = graphic novel
  • HC = hardcover
  • MMPB = mass market paperback
  • SC = softcover
  • TP = trade paperback


12/29/10007 MAGAZINE & ARCHIVE LTD007 Magazine Archive Bond Girls Of The 1980s$17.00
12/29/1012 GAUGE COMICSBoondock Saints Head Of The Snake #2 (Of 2)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$3.99
12/29/10ACCENT UKMan Of Glass GN$5.95
12/29/10APE ENTERTAINMENTPenguins Of Madagascar #2 (Of 4)$3.95
12/29/10APE ENTERTAINMENTShrek #2 (Of 4)$3.95
12/29/10ARCHIE COMICSArchie & Friends All-Stars Volume 7 Betty & Veronica Storybook TP$9.95
12/29/10ARCHIE COMICSLife With Archie Married Life #6$3.99
12/29/10ARCHIE COMICSVeronica #204$2.99
12/29/10ARCHIE COMICSWorld Of Archie Double Digest #3$3.99
12/29/10AVATAR PRESSNeonomicon #1 (Of 4)(Jacen Burrows Chicago Con Edition)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$3.99
12/29/10AVATAR PRESSNight Of The Living Dead #1 (Of 5)(Raulo Caceres Auxiliary Edition)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$3.99
12/29/10BALLISTIC PUBLISHINGEXOTIQUE Volume 6 The Worlds Most Beautiful CG Characters SC (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$59.00
12/29/10BARRONS EDUCATIONAL SERIESHow To Draw And Paint Vampires A Complete Art Course Built Around This Legendary World SC$21.99
12/29/10BLACK LIBRARYGarro Oath Of The Moment Audio Book (Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy)AR
12/29/10BLAST BOOKSDrew Friedman's Sideshow Freaks HC$19.95
12/29/10BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONSFame #9 (Lady Gaga Part 2)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$3.99
12/29/10BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONSFemale Force #21 (Betty White)$3.99
12/29/10BOOK PALACEConan Of Cimmeria Volume 3 Limited Deluxe HC (Artist Edition)$345.99
12/29/10BOOK PALACEFrank Bellamy Complete Swift Stories HC (Deluxe Leather Edition)$225.99
12/29/10BOOM! STUDIOSAmory Wars In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3 #5 (Of 12)(NYCC Variant Cover)$9.99
12/29/10CINEFEXCinefex #124 (October 2010)$12.50
12/29/10COMIC SHOP NEWSComic Shop News #1228AR
12/29/10DARK HORSEBuffy The Vampire Slayer Tales HC$29.99
12/29/10DARK HORSEHellboy The Sleeping And The Dead #1 (Of 2)(Mike Mignola Variant Cover)$3.50
12/29/10DARK HORSEHellboy The Sleeping And The Dead #1 (Of 2)(Scott Hampton Regular Cover)$3.50
12/29/10DARK HORSEJohn Carter Of Mars Weird Worlds TP$14.99
12/29/10DARK HORSEOh My Goddess Volume 16 TP (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$11.99
12/29/10DC COMICSAction Comics #896$3.99
12/29/10DC COMICSAll-New Batman The Brave And The Bold #2$2.99
12/29/10DC COMICSAme-Comi Heroine Series Artemis PVC Figure$60.00
12/29/10DC COMICSAme-Comi Heroine Series Catwoman V.1 Purple Suit Variant PVC Figure$60.00
12/29/10DC COMICSBatman The Dark Knight #1 (Andy Clarke Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10DC COMICSBatman The Dark Knight #1 (David Finch Regular Cover)$3.99
12/29/10DC COMICSBatman The Dark Knight #1 (David Finch Sketch Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10DC COMICSDC Chronicles Green Lantern Statue$99.99
12/29/10DC COMICSDC Chronicles The Flash Statue$99.99
12/29/10DC COMICSDC Comics Presents JLA #1$7.99
12/29/10DC COMICSDC Comics Presents T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1$7.99
12/29/10DC COMICSDetective Comics #872$3.99
12/29/10DC COMICSFlash #8 (Scott Kolins Regular Cover)$2.99
12/29/10DC COMICSFlash #8 (Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10DC COMICSGears Of War #15$3.99
12/29/10DC COMICSGotham City Sirens #18$2.99
12/29/10DC COMICSGreen Arrow #7 (Gene Ha Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10DC COMICSGreen Arrow #7 (Mauro Cascioli Regular Cover)$2.99
12/29/10DC COMICSGreen Lantern #61 (Alex Garner Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10DC COMICSGreen Lantern #61 (Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy Regular Cover)$2.99
12/29/10DC COMICSJack Of Fables #49$2.99
12/29/10DC COMICSJLA The 99 #3 (Of 6)$3.99
12/29/10DC COMICSJustice Society Of America #46$2.99
12/29/10DC COMICSMichael Keaton As Batman Bust$80.00
12/29/10DC COMICSRed Eyes Only #1 (was 'Red Prequel Special')(One Shot)$4.99
12/29/10DC COMICSScalped #44$2.99
12/29/10DC COMICSTeen Titans #90 (Karl Kerschl Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10DC COMICSTeen Titans #90 (Nicola Scott & Doug Hazlewood Regular Cover)$2.99
12/29/10DC COMICSTiny Titans #35$2.99
12/29/10DE AGOSTINI UKStar Wars Official Figurine Collection Magazine #12 (Count Dooku)$14.00
12/29/10DIAMOND PUBLICATIONSGame Trade Magazine #131AR
12/29/10DIAMOND PUBLICATIONSPreviews #268 (January 2011)AR
12/29/10DRAWN AND QUARTERLYBigfoot HC$19.95
12/29/10FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKSCrickets #3$8.00
12/29/10FLESK PUBLICATIONSJim Silke Jungle Girls SC$24.95
12/29/10FUTURE PUBLISHINGSFX Special #47 (Dr Who)$18.99
12/29/10GAMES WORKSHOPWulfrik MMPB (Warhammer Heroes)$8.99
12/29/10HEAVY METAL MAGAZINEHeavy Metal March 2011 (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$6.95
12/29/10HIGH SPEED PRODUCTIONSJuxtapoz #120 (January 2011)$5.99
12/29/10IDW PUBLISHINGG.I. JOE #25 (Robert Atkins Regular Cover)$3.99
12/29/10IDW PUBLISHINGG.I. JOE #25 (Trevor Hutchison Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10IDW PUBLISHINGG.I. Joe Disavowed Volume 2 TP$24.99
12/29/10IDW PUBLISHINGTransformers Best Of Starscream TP$19.99
12/29/10IDW PUBLISHINGTransformers Sector 7 #4 (Of 5)(Brian Rood Regular Cover)$3.99
12/29/10IDW PUBLISHINGTransformers Sector 7 #4 (Of 5)(Joe Suitor Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10IDW PUBLISHINGTrue Blood #6 (Of 6)(David Messina Regular Cover)$3.99
12/29/10IDW PUBLISHINGTrue Blood #6 (Of 6)(Joe Corroney Regular Cover)$3.99
12/29/10IDW PUBLISHINGTrue Blood #6 (Of 6)(Joe Corroney Sketch Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10IDW PUBLISHINGTrue Blood #6 (Of 6)(Photo Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10IMAGE COMICSBulletproof Coffin #6 (Of 6)$3.99
12/29/10IMAGE COMICSDarkness Accursed Volume 4 TP$14.99
12/29/10IMAGE COMICSEchoes #1 (Of 5)$2.99
12/29/10IMAGE COMICSElephantmen #29$3.50
12/29/10IMAGE COMICSEmitown TP$24.99
12/29/10IMAGE COMICSMagdalena Origins Volume 1 TP (Of 2)$14.99
12/29/10IMAGE COMICSTMP Sports NFL Romo/Austin Action Figure 2-Pack CaseAR
12/29/10IMAGE COMICSTracker Volume 1 TP$19.99
12/29/10MARKOSIA ENTERPRISESYoung Sherlock Holmes Adventures GN$15.95
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSAstonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #4 (Of 6)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSAstonishing X-Men Xenogenesis #4 (Of 5)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSAtlas Return Of The Three Dimensional Man TP$16.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSAvengers #8$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSAvengers Assemble Volume 1 TP$34.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSBullseye Perfect Game #2 (Of 2)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSCaptain America #613$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSCarnage #2 (Of 5)(Arthur Adams Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSCarnage #2 (Of 5)(Clayton Crain Regular Cover)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSChaos War X-Men #1 (Of 2)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSCivil War The Underside HC$39.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSDaken Dark Wolverine #4 (Giuseppe Camuncoli Regular Cover)$2.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSDaken Dark Wolverine #4 (Marko Djurdjevic Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSDeadpool Corps #9$2.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSDeadpool Corps Prelude TP$14.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSDeadpool Team-Up #886$2.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSEssential Avengers Volume 6 TP (All-New Edition)$19.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSHalo Fall Of Reach Boot Camp #3 (Of 4)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSHeroic Age X-Men #1$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSHulk #28$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSIncognito Bad Influences #2 (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$3.50
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSKa-Zar By Mark Waid & Andy Kubert Volume 1 TP$19.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSMarvel 2011 Calendar (Promotional Item)(per Marvel Comics)AR
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSMarvel Masterworks Marvel Team-Up Volume 1 HC (Book Market Edition)$54.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSMarvel Masterworks Marvel Team-Up Volume 1 HC (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 150)$54.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSMarvel Masterworks The Uncanny X-Men Volume 3 TP (Book Market Edition)(per Marvel Comics)$24.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSMarvel Masterworks The Uncanny X-Men Volume 3 TP (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 24)$24.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSMarvel Previews #89 (For Products On-Sale March 2011)AR
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSNemesis #4 (Of 4)(Leinil Francis Yu Triple Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSNemesis #4 (Of 4)(Mark Millar Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSNemesis #4 (Of 4)(Steve McNiven Regular Cover)$2.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSNew Mutants #20$2.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSOne Month To Live HC (Premiere Edition)$19.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSOsborn #2 (Of 4)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSS.H.I.E.L.D. #5 (Dustin Weaver Historical Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSS.H.I.E.L.D. #5 (Gerald Parel Regular Cover)$2.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSSecret Warriors #23$2.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSSecret Warriors Volume 3 Wake The Beast TP$15.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSSiege Thor TP$15.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSSiege Thunderbolts TP$15.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSSpider-Girl #2$2.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSSpider-Man Black Cat TP$16.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSSuper Hero Squad Infinity Sword Quest TP$14.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSSupreme Power Nighthawk TP (New Printing)$19.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSThunderstrike #2 (Of 5)(per Marvel Comics)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSTomb Of Dracula Omnibus Volume 3 HC (Arthur Adams Book Market Cover)$99.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSTomb Of Dracula Omnibus Volume 3 HC (Gene Colan Direct Market Cover)$99.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSTomb Of Dracula Volume 3 TP$24.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSUltimate Comics Avengers 3 #5 (Of 6)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSUltimate Comics Thor #3 (Of 4)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSWhat If #200$4.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSWidowmaker #2 (Of 4)(Jae Lee Regular Cover)$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSWidowmaker #2 (Of 4)(Paul Renaud Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSX-23 #4 (Leinil Francis Yu Regular Cover)$2.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSX-23 #4 (Marko Djurdjevic Variant Cover)AR
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSX-Force Cable & The New Mutants HC (Premiere Edition)(Book Market Edition)$24.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSX-Force Cable & The New Mutants HC (Premiere Edition)(Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 55)$24.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSX-Men Forever 2 #14$3.99
12/29/10MARVEL COMICSX-Men To Serve And Protect #2 (Of 4)$3.99
12/29/10NBMStory Of Lee Volume 1 GN (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$11.99
12/29/10RADIO COMIXBureau Of Mana Investigation Volume 1 TP (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$15.99
12/29/10REBELLION/2000ADJudge Dredd Megazine #305$11.99
12/29/10SECRET ACRESCapacity GN (New Printing)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$20.00
12/29/10TITAN PUBLISHINGStar Trek Magazine #31 (Newsstand Edition)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$6.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPAiON Volume 1 GN$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPAlice In The Country Of Hearts Volume 5 GN (Of 5)$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPAria Volume 6 GN (Of 12)$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPChibi Vampire Bites Official Fan Book SC$12.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPFuture Diary Volume 9 GN (Of 10)$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPGatcha Gacha Volume 8 GN (Of 8)$12.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPHanako And The Terror Of Allegory Volume 3 GN (Of 4)$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPHappy Cafe Volume 6 GN (Of 15)$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPHetalia Axis Powers Volume 2 GN (Of 3)$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPKarakuri Odette Volume 5 GN (Of 6)$12.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPNeko Ramen Volume 3 A Cat After All GN (Of 4)$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPNG Life Volume 8 GN (Of 9)$12.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPRatman Volume 3 GN (Of 6)$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPSecret Notes Of Lady Kanoko Volume 1 GN (Of 3)$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPSilver Diamond Volume 8 After Death GN (Of 20)$10.99
12/29/10TOKYOPOPV.B. Rose Volume 11 GN (Of 14)$10.99
12/29/10UDON ENTERTAINMENTStreet Fighter Gaiden Volume 2 TP$13.95
12/29/10UDON ENTERTAINMENTStreet Fighter II The Ultimate Edition Complete Second & Third Series TP (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$59.99
12/29/10UDON ENTERTAINMENTStreet Fighter The Ultimate Edition Complete First Series TP (New Edition)$59.99
12/29/10VON ALLAN STUDIOStargazer Volume 1 GN (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$14.95
12/29/10Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORSMemoir 44 Winter Wars ExpansionAR
12/29/10Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INCCivilization Board Game$59.95
12/29/10Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INCWarhammer Fantasy RP GM Vault$29.95
12/29/10Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INCWarhammer Fantasy RP Players Vault$39.95
12/29/10Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INCWarhammer LCG Fourth Waystone Battle Pack$14.95
12/29/10Games - FLYING FROG PRODUCTIONS LLCInvasion Outer Space Martian Game$59.95
12/29/10Games - MAYFAIR GAMESCatan Card Game 2010 Edition$20.00
12/29/10Games - MAYFAIR GAMESSettlers Of Catan 15th Anniversary Wood Edition$150.00
12/29/10Games - PSIGurps RPG Low Tech$29.99
12/29/10Games - USAOPOLYRisk Halo Wars Collectors EditionAR
12/29/10VideosDC Showcase Superman & Shazam Return Of The Black Adam Blu-RayAR
12/29/10VideosDoctor Who 2010 Blu-Ray Season 5 Season 5AR
12/29/10VideosEyeshield 21 DVD Collection 3AR
12/29/10VideosGintama DVD Collection 3AR
12/29/10VideosInception Blu-RayAR
12/29/10VideosKimikiss Pure Rouge DVD Collection 2AR
12/29/10VideosLegend Of The Guardians Owls Of Gahoole Blu-RayAR
12/29/10VideosLegend Of The Guardians Owls Of Gahoole DVD WidescreenAR
12/29/10VideosNyan Koi Complete Collection DVDAR
12/29/10MerchandiseBlack Butler Tote Bag$16.99
12/29/10MerchandiseCreators Labo #26 NGE Asuka Langley PVC Figure$124.95
12/29/10MerchandiseCthulhu Midnight Reaver Nyarlathotep Plush$19.99
12/29/10MerchandiseDeus Machina Demonbane Al Azif PVC Statue$124.95
12/29/10MerchandiseDisney Britto Mickey Ears Black & White Box$30.00
12/29/10MerchandiseDisney Showcase Laughing Figurine Displayer$35.00
12/29/10MerchandiseDisney Showcase Winnie The Pooh Bank$35.00
12/29/10MerchandiseDisney Traditions Tinker Bell Figurine December$27.50
12/29/10MerchandiseDisney Traditions Tinker Bell Figurine November$27.50
12/29/10MerchandiseDisney Traditions Tinker Bell Figurine October$27.50
12/29/10MerchandiseDisney Traditions Tinker Bell Monthly Displayer$40.00
12/29/10MerchandiseDoctor Who 11th Doctor Diecast Sonic Screwdriver$39.99
12/29/10MerchandiseDoctor Who Adipose Stress Toy$24.99
12/29/10MerchandiseDoctor Who Dalek Exterminated Mug$8.99
12/29/10MerchandiseDoctor Who Electronic Key Fob$12.99
12/29/10MerchandiseDoctor Who Levitating Timelords Spinning Tardis$42.99
12/29/10MerchandiseDoctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Ink Pen$24.99
12/29/10MerchandiseDoctor Who Tardis Emergency Fund Key Fob$12.99
12/29/10MerchandiseDreadnought Mini Bust 2 Pack$90.00
12/29/10MerchandiseFisher Price Record Player$30.99
12/29/10MerchandiseGrinch Good Boy Max Waterglobe$32.50
12/29/10MerchandiseHalo Universe Remote Control BansheeAR
12/29/10MerchandiseMarvel Heroes 6 Piece Can Hugger Set$35.99
12/29/10MerchandiseMarvel Heroes 6 Piece Card Case AssortmentAR
12/29/10MerchandiseMarvel Minimates Series 37 AssortmentAR
12/29/10MerchandiseMarvel Select Magneto Action Figure$21.99
12/29/10MerchandiseMarvel Select Magneto Action Figure CaseAR
12/29/10MerchandiseNaruto Shippuden 4-in Series 1 Action Figure AssortmentAR
12/29/10MerchandiseNaruto Shippuden Deidara Plush$14.99
12/29/10MerchandiseNBX Jack Antenna Topper$4.99
12/29/10MerchandiseNBX Trading Figures Series 1 Extra DisplayAR
12/29/10MerchandiseOuran High School Host Club Honey Bunny Costume Plush$14.99
12/29/10MerchandisePez Disney Mickey Blister Pack 12 Count DisplayAR
12/29/10MerchandisePez Toy Story Blister Pack 12 Count DisplayAR
12/29/10MerchandisePop Heroes Flash Vinyl Figure$8.00
12/29/10MerchandisePop Heroes Green Lantern Vinyl Figure$8.00
12/29/10MerchandisePop Heroes Superman Vinyl Figure$8.00
12/29/10MerchandisePop Heroes Wonder Woman Vinyl Figure$8.00
12/29/10MerchandisePower Girl By Hughes T-Shirt LG$17.95
12/29/10MerchandisePower Girl By Hughes T-Shirt MED$17.95
12/29/10MerchandisePower Girl By Hughes T-Shirt XL$17.95
12/29/10MerchandisePower Girl By Hughes T-Shirt XXL$20.95
12/29/10MerchandiseRed Dwarf Talking In Your Pocket$9.99
12/29/10MerchandiseRobot Chicken Action Figure AssortmentAR
12/29/10MerchandiseRubiks Cube Plush$14.99
12/29/10MerchandiseSerenity Troublemaker Yellow T-Shirt XL$26.99
12/29/10MerchandiseSIF EX Needless Eve PVC Figure (resolicited)$99.99
12/29/10MerchandiseSkelanimals Bill Deluxe Plush$24.99
12/29/10MerchandiseSkelanimals Chip Deluxe Plush$24.99
12/29/10MerchandiseSkelanimals Oliver Deluxe Plush$24.99
12/29/10MerchandiseSkelanimals Pudge Deluxe Plush$24.99
12/29/10MerchandiseSkelanimals Timmy Deluxe Plush$24.99
12/29/10MerchandiseSoul Eater Black Star Messenger Bag$32.99
12/29/10MerchandiseStar Trek Enterprise 1701D 1/1400 Scale Clear Edition Model Kit$59.99
12/29/10MerchandiseStar Wars Ultimate 1/4 Scale Han Solo Mos Eisley Action Figure$99.99
12/29/10MerchandiseToon Tumblers Justice League Clear Pint Glass$10.99
12/29/10MerchandiseToon Tumblers Superman Clear Pint Glass$10.99
12/29/10MerchandiseToon Tumblers Wonder Woman Clear Pint Glass$10.99
12/29/10MerchandiseTron Legacy Action Figure Wave 1 AssortmentAR
12/29/10MerchandiseTron Legacy Core Vehicle Wave 1 AssortmentAR
12/29/10MerchandiseWelcome To Pia Carrot 2 Aizawa PVC Figure Maid Version$129.95
12/29/10MerchandiseWrecking Crew Mini-Bust 4-pack Set$195.00
12/29/10MerchandiseX-1 1/18 Scale Prebuilt Display Model$59.99
12/29/10AMRYL ENTERTAINMENTCavewoman Hunt #1 (adult)(Budd Root Special Edition Nude)AR
12/29/10FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS/EROS COMIXTeens At Play #4 (adult)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)$4.95


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