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 12/​12/​12,"​Merchandise","​Walking Dead TV Series 2 Shane Walsh Action Figure Case","​AR"​ 12/​12/​12,"​Merchandise","​Walking Dead TV Series 2 Shane Walsh Action Figure Case","​AR"​
 12/​12/​12,"​Merchandise","​Zombie 4 Piece Pint Glass Set",​$24.99 12/​12/​12,"​Merchandise","​Zombie 4 Piece Pint Glass Set",​$24.99
-"adult products (ComicList neither recommends or condones the following titles. Read and use this information at your own risk.)",,,​ 
 12/​12/​12,"​EUROTICA","​Perverts Of The Unknown GN (New Printing)(adult)",​$10.99 12/​12/​12,"​EUROTICA","​Perverts Of The Unknown GN (New Printing)(adult)",​$10.99
 12/​12/​12,"​EUROTICA","​Pillow Fight Volume 1 GN (New Printing)(adult)",​$9.99 12/​12/​12,"​EUROTICA","​Pillow Fight Volume 1 GN (New Printing)(adult)",​$9.99
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