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 11/​26/​14,​Videos,​Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2 Villains In Paradise DVD,AR 11/​26/​14,​Videos,​Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2 Villains In Paradise DVD,AR
 11/​26/​14,​Videos,​Santa'​s Sickest DVD,AR 11/​26/​14,​Videos,​Santa'​s Sickest DVD,AR
-11/​26/​14,​Videos,​Saturday The 14th/Saturday The 14th Strikes Back DVD,AR+11/​26/​14,​Videos,​Saturday The 14th Strikes Back DVD,AR
 11/​26/​14,​Videos,​Shogun Assassin Combo Pack BD + DVD,AR 11/​26/​14,​Videos,​Shogun Assassin Combo Pack BD + DVD,AR
 11/​26/​14,​Videos,​Tari Tari Complete Collection BD,AR 11/​26/​14,​Videos,​Tari Tari Complete Collection BD,AR
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