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 +====== ComicList for 10/06/2010 ======
 +ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Thursday, October 6, 2010.  This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 2010 by Charles LePage.
 +ComicList headquarters:​ http://​
 +==== Acronyms you will find in the lists ====
 +  * AR = ask retailer for price
 +  * GN = graphic novel
 +  * HC = hardcover
 +  * MMPB = mass market paperback
 +  * SC = softcover
 +  * TP = trade paperback
 +10/​06/​10,"​ABRAMS","​Making Of Avatar HC",​$40.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​AC COMICS","​Men Of Mystery #​83",​$29.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​ACE TRADE","​Final Crisis SC (Novel)",​$15.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​APE ENTERTAINMENT","​Penguins Of Madagascar #1 (Of 4)",​$3.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​APE ENTERTAINMENT","​Pocket God #​1",​$3.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​APE ENTERTAINMENT","​Scratch 9 #2 (Of 4)",​$3.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​ARCANA STUDIO","​Redball 6 Volume 1 GN",​$14.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Archie & Friends Volume 6 Archies Christmas Stocking TP",​$9.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Betty & Veronica Digest #​208",​$2.69
 +10/​06/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Jugheads Double Digest #​164",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Life With Archie Married Life #​3",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Veronica #202 (2nd Printing)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​ASPEN MLT","​Lady Mechanika #0 (Cover A Joe Benitez)",​$2.50
 +10/​06/​10,"​ASPEN MLT","​Lady Mechanika #0 (Cover B Joe Benitez)",​$2.50
 +10/​06/​10,"​ASPEN MLT","​Lady Mechanika #0 (Cover C Joe Benitez Incentive Sketch)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​ATTA BOY","​Hi Fructose Magazine Quarterly #​17",​$6.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Neonomicon #2 (Of 4)(Jacen Burrows Book Of The Dead Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Neonomicon #2 (Of 4)(Jacen Burrows Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Neonomicon #2 (Of 4)(Jacen Burrows Wraparound Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BANDAI","​Gundam 00 Lite Novel Volume 3 GN",​$8.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BANTAM","​Walking Dead MMPB (Greg Rucka'​s Atticus Kodiak)",​$7.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BEACON PRESS","​Fist Stick Knife Gun A Personal History of Violence GN",​$14.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS","​Political Power Volume 1 Presidents Of The United States TP",​$15.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​28 Days Later #​15",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Anchor Volume 2 TP",​$16.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Volume 3 HC (Of 6)",​$24.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Incorruptible #10 (Cover A Christian Nauck)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Incorruptible #10 (Cover B Peter Nguyen)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Incorruptible #10 (Cover C Jeffrey Spokes Incentive)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Irredeemable Volume 4 TP",​$16.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Toy Story #7 (Cover A Diego Jourdan)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Toy Story #7 (Cover B Diego Jourdan)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​BROKEN TREE PUBLICATIONS","​Trouble Point #​1",​$3.50
 +10/​06/​10,"​CARTOON BOOKS","​Fish N Chips Volume 1 TP",​$12.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​COMIC SHOP NEWS","​Comic Shop News #​1216","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​CONTINUITY","​Neal Adams Savage Sketchbook #2 HC",​$20.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Baltimore The Plague Ships #3 (Of 5)",​$3.50
 +10/​06/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Buffy The Vampire Slayer #37 (Season Eight)(Last Gleaming Part 2 Of 5)(Georges Jeanty Variant Cover)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Buffy The Vampire Slayer #37 (Season Eight)(Last Gleaming Part 2 Of 5)(Jo Chen Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Buffy The Vampire Slayer Volume 7 Twilight TP (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$16.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Chobits Volume 2 Omnibus Edition TP",​$24.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Gear School Volume 2 TP (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$7.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Metalocalypse Dethklok #1 (Of 3)(Eric Powell Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Metalocalypse Dethklok #1 (Of 3)(Jon Schnepp Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Savage Sword Of Conan Volume 8 TP",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Star Wars The Old Republic #4 (Of 6)(Blood Of The Empire Part 1 Of 3)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​American Vampire #​7",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Authority #27 (Andy Park Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Authority #27 (Dave Gibbons & Kevin Nowlan Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Black & White Statue Man-Bat By Neal Adams",​$80.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Confidential #​49",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Hidden Treasures #​1",​$4.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Odyssey #4 (Of 12)(Neal Adams Black And White Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Odyssey #4 (Of 12)(Neal Adams Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Unseen TP",​$14.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Blackest Night Series #1 Action Figure Assortment (Re-Stock)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Blackest Night Series #1 Action Figure Assortment #1 One Third Case (Re-Stock)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Blackest Night Series #1 Black Lantern Earth-2 Superman Action Figure (Re-Stock)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Blackest Night Series #1 Blue Lantern Saint Walker Action Figure (Re-Stock)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Blackest Night Series #1 Indigo Lantern Action Figure (Re-Stock)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Blackest Night Series #1 Red Lantern Atrocitus Action Figure (Re-Stock)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Brightest Day White Lantern Variants Promo Poster","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Brightest Day #11 (David Finch & Scott Williams Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Brightest Day #11 (Ivan Reis Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Cartoon Network Action Pack #​52",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​DC Comics Presents Green Lantern #​1",​$7.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​DC Comics Presents Jack Cross #​1",​$7.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Doom Patrol #​15",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Fables Covers By James Jean HC (New Printing)",​$49.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Freedom Fighters #​2",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Greek Street #16 (Final Issue)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Green Woman HC",​$24.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​House Of Mystery #​30",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​I Zombie #​6",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​JSA All-Stars #​11",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Kane And Lynch #3 (Of 6)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Looney Tunes #​191",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Madame Xanadu #​27",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Power Girl Aliens and Apes TP",​$17.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​R.E.B.E.L.S. #​21",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Red Hood Lost Days #5 (Of 6)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Scalped #​41",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Scooby Doo Where Are You #​2",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Secret Six #​26",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Secret Six Danse Macabre TP",​$14.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Starman Omnibus Volume 5 HC",​$49.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Superman Nightwing And Flamebird Volume 2 HC",​$24.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Superman The Last Family Of Krypton #3 (Of 3)",​$4.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Sweet Tooth #​14",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Telara Chronicles Beta Key Card (Free Promotion)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Tom Strong And The Robots Of Doom #5 (Of 6)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Unknown Soldier #​24",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​World Of Warcraft Premium Series 2 Gnome Warlock Valdremar With Voidwalker Voyd (resolicited)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​World Of Warcraft Premium Series 2 Inner Case Assortment","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​World Of Warcraft Premium Series 2 Master Case Assortment","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DC COMICS","​World Of Warcraft Premium Series 2 Orc Warchief Thrall (resolicited)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Fafner Dead Aggressor Volume 1 GN",​$9.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Kizuna Volume 1 GN (Deluxe Edition)",​$19.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Stay Close To Me GN",​$12.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​DK PUBLISHING","​Disney Princess Encyclopedia HC",​$16.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DK PUBLISHING","​Doctor Who The Visual Dictionary 2010 HC",​$24.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DRAWN AND QUARTERLY","​Make Me A Woman HC (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$24.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​DRAWN AND QUARTERLY","​Nipper Volume 1 1963-1964 TP",​$16.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​DRAWN AND QUARTERLY","​Palooka Ville Volume 20 HC",​$19.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​DYNAMIC FORCES","​Grimm Fairy Tales #50 (Dynamic Forces)(Exclusive Limited Cover)",​$6.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DYNAMIC FORCES","​Invaders Now #1 (Dynamic Forces)(Alex Ross Exclusive Cover)",​$10.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Boys #​47",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Buck Rogers Volume 2 From The Earth To The Moon TP",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Dresden Files Storm Front Volume 2 #3 (resolicited)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Green Hornet Golden Age Remastered #​3",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Lone Ranger #​24",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Stargate Daniel Jackson #​3",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​FUTURE PUBLISHING","​Comic Heroes Magazine #3 (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$18.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​GAMES WORKSHOP","​Blood Pact MMPB (A Gaunt'​s Ghosts Novel)(Warhammer 40K)",​$8.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​GAMES WORKSHOP","​White Dwarf #​367","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​GAMES WORKSHOP","​White Dwarf #​368","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​GAMES WORKSHOP","​White Dwarf #​369","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​GEMSTONE PUBLISHING","​Overstreet Hall Of Fame (One Shot)",​$6.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​GESTALT PUBLISHING","​Digested #2 (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$9.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​GRAPHIX","​Good Neighbors Volume 2 Kith GN",​$12.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE","​Fluorescent Black GN",​$24.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT","​Best American Comics 2010 HC (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$23.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​HUMANOIDS PUBLISHING","​Whispers In The Walls #3 (Of 6)",​$3.50
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Blondie Volume 1 HC",​$49.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Bloom County The Complete Library Volume 2 HC (Berkeley Breathed Signed & Numbered Limited Edition)",​$50.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Doctor Who Volume 2 Tessaract TP",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. JOE #23 (Robert Atkins Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. JOE #23 (Trevor Hutchison Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Locke & Key Volume 2 Head Games TP",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Lone Justice Volume 1 TP",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Parker The Outfit Art Book Incentive (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Parker The Outfit HC",​$24.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Parker The Outfit Signed Print Incentive (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Star Trek The Official Movie Adaptation TP",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Strange Science Fantasy #4 (Scott Morse Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Strange Science Fantasy #4 (Scott Morse Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Drift #3 (Of 4)(Alex Milne Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Drift #3 (Of 4)(Guido Guidi Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers IDW Collection Volume 2 HC",​$49.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2010 (Charlie Adlard Incentive Cover)(was '​Liberty Comics 2010'​)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2010 (Cover A Dave Gibbons)(was '​Liberty Comics 2010'​)",​$4.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2010 (Cover B Darick Robertson)(was '​Liberty Comics 2010'​)",​$4.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Frankie Stein HC",​$14.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Image Firsts Haunt #​1",​$1.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Meta 4 #3 (Of 5)",​$3.50
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Morning Glories #2 (Rodin Esquejo 2nd Printing Cover)",​$3.50
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Nancy In Hell #3 (Of 4)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Orc Stain #​5",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Perhapanauts Volume 0 Dark Days TP",​$17.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Pilot Season Crosshair #​1",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Top Cow First Look Volume 1 TP",​$4.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Walking Dead Covers Volume 1 HC (resolicited)",​$24.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​IT BOOKS","​Chief Wiggums Book Of Crime And Punishment The Simpsons Library Of Wisdom HC",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​KODANSHA INTERNATIONAL","​Ninja Attack True Tales Of Assassins Samurai And Outlaws SC",​$14.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​LITTLE BROWN AND COMPANY","​DC Super Heroes The Ultimate Pop-Up Book HC",​$29.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARRS MEDIA","​Rue Morgue Magazine #​105",​$9.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers #4 (John Romita Jr. 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Academy #5 (J.S. Rossbach Vampire Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Academy #5 (Mike McKone Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Academy #5 (Mike McKone Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers The Childrens Crusade #2 (Jim Cheung 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Thor & Captain America Official Index To The Marvel Universe #​6",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Black Widow Deadly Origin TP",​$14.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Cable Volume 4 Homecoming TP",​$15.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Captain America Forever Allies #3 (Of 4)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Chaos War #1 (Of 5)(Ed McGuinness Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Chaos War #1 (Of 5)(Ed McGuinness Sketch Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Civil War Fantastic Four HC",​$39.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Dark Tower The Long Road Home TP",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Deadpool Pulp #2 (Of 4)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​DeadpoolMAX #​1",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Essential Avengers Volume 2 TP (All-New Edition)",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Fantastic Four In Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K. #1 (Juan Doe Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Fantastic Four In Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K. #1 (Spanish Language Version)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ghost Rider By Jason Aaron Omnibus HC",​$49.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Hawkeye & Mockingbird #​5",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Iron Man Legacy #​7",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Klaws Of Panther #1 (Of 4)(Mike Del Mundo Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Klaws Of Panther #1 (Of 4)(Stephanie Hans Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvel Masterworks The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 12 HC (Book Market Edition)",​$54.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvel Masterworks The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 12 HC (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 145)",​$54.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvelman Familys Finest #4 (Of 6)(Jae Lee Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvelman Familys Finest #4 (Of 6)(Mike Perkins Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Namor The First Mutant #1 (Jae Lee 2nd Printing Sketch Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​New Mutants Forever #3 (Of 5)(Al Rio Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​New Mutants Forever #3 (Of 5)(Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 (Dustin Weaver Historical Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 (Gerald Parel Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 (Mike Mayhew Vampire Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Secret Avengers #3 (Mike Deodata 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Secret Avengers #4 (Mike Deodata 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Shadowland #3 (Of 5)(Billy Tan 2nd Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Shadowland Spider-Man #1 (One Shot)(Shadowland Tie-In)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Spider-Man Back In Quack #1 (One Shot)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Spider-Man Big Time Postcards","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Stephen King's N. HC (Premiere Edition)",​$24.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Taskmaster #2 (Of 4)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Thor And The Warriors Four Digest TP",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Thor For Asgard #3 (Of 6)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Tron Betrayal #1 (Of 2)",​$4.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ultimate Comics Thor #1 (Of 4)(Carlos Pacheco Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ultimate Comics Thor #1 (Of 4)(J. Scott Campbell LLBC Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ultimate Comics Thor #1 (Of 4)(J. Scott Campbell Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ultimate Comics Thor #1 (Of 4)(Mike Choi Villain Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Force #1 (Blank Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Force #1 (Clayton Crain Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Force #1 (Esad Ribic Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Force #1 (J. Scott Campbell Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Force #1 (Marko Djurdjevic Variant Cover)",​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Force #1 (Premiere Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Force #1 (Rob Liefeld Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Force #1 Greg Land Limited Edition Print","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine #2 (Arthur Adams Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine #2 (Jae Lee Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine #2 (Mike Mayhew Vampire Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Young Allies #​5",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MOONSTONE","​Richard Mathesons Kolchak The Night Strangler (E.M. Geist Sketch Cover)","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​MOONSTONE","​Richard Mathesons Kolchak The Night Strangler (One Shot)(E.M. Geist Cover)",​$5.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​MOONSTONE","​Richard Mathesons Kolchak The Night Strangler (One Shot)(Timothy Lantz Cover)",​$5.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​ONI PRESS","​Hopeless Savages Greatest Hits Volume 1 TP",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​ORION","​How Obelix Fell Into the Magic Potion When He Was a Little Boy TP",​$9.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​PAPERCUTZ","​Disney Fairies HC",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​PENGUIN BOOKS","​14th Dalai Lama A Manga Biography SC (Putnam Edition)",​$15.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​PLUME BOOKS","​Vlad The Impaler The Man Who Was Dracula TP",​$16.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​POCKET BOOKS","​Star Trek The Next Generation Nightshade SC",​$7.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​RADICAL PUBLISHING","​Ryder On The Storm #1 (Of 3)",​$4.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​REBELLION","​Judge Dredd Megazine #​302",​$11.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​REBELLION","​Judge Dredd Tour Of Duty The Backlash TP",​$22.50
 +10/​06/​10,"​RUNNING PRESS MINIATURE EDITIONS","​Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Kit & Sticker Book SC",​$8.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​SCHOLASTIC PAPERBACKS","​Amazing Adventures Of Nate Banks Volume 3 Red Alert SC",​$5.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT","​Strawberry Panic The Complete Manga Collection GN (Omnibus Edition)",​$14.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​SOLO PUBLISHING","​Cinema Retro #18 (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$11.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​SPORTS ILLUSTRATED","​Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Heaven HC",​$39.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​SPORTS ILLUSTRATED","​Sports Illustrated The Covers HC",​$29.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​TIME HOME ENTERTAINMENT","​Annual Big Book Of Spongebob Squarepants HC",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​TITAN PUBLISHING","​CLiNT #1 (magazine)",​$6.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​TITAN PUBLISHING","​Shaun Of The Dead TP (Titan Edition)",​$14.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​TITAN PUBLISHING","​Star Wars The Clone Wars Magazine #​1",​$4.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING","​Back Issue #​44",​$7.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING","​Carmine Infantino Penciler Publisher Provocateur HC",​$46.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS","​Art Of Neal Adams SC",​$24.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Volume 5 GN (Shonen Jump Edition)",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Dengeki Daisy Volume 2 GN",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Eyeshield 21 Volume 33 TP",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Grand Guignol Orchestra Volume 1 TP",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Naruto Volume 49 TP",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Natsumes Book Of Friends Volume 4 TP",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​One Piece Volume 55 TP",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Pokemon Adventures Volume 9 TP (2nd Edition)",​$7.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Prince Of Tennis Volume 39 GN",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Seiho Boys High School Volume 2 TP",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Slam Dunk Volume 12 GN",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Stepping On Roses Volume 3 GN",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Strawberry 100% Volume 14 TP",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Yu-Gi-Oh GX Volume 5 GN",​$9.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT","​Wizard Funfare Magazine Holiday 2010 (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$4.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Charmed #3 (Cover A David Seidman)",​$3.50
 +10/​06/​10,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Charmed #3 (Cover B Tony Shasteen)",​$3.50
 +10/​06/​10,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Grimm Fairy Tales #​51",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Grimm Fairy Tales Inferno #4 (Of 5)",​$2.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Cards - RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES","​Warehouse 13 Season One Trading Card Box","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Cards - TOPPS COMPANY","​Topps 2010 Pro Debut Baseball Series 2","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","​Memoir 44 Battlemap Volume 4 Disaster At Dieppe","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Games - ENDLESS GAMES","​Name 5 Game",​$24.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Games - HASBRO","​Trivial Pursuit Master Edition","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Games - HASBRO","​Trivial Pursuit Steal","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Games - KONAMI DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT","​Yu Gi Oh TCG 5ds Deluxe Card Sleeve","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Games - KONAMI DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT","​Yu Gi Oh TCG Legendary Collection","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","​Gamemastery Flipmat Forest",​$12.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","​Pathfinder Adventure Path Serpents Skull #2 (Of 6) Racing Ruin",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","​Pathfinder Module The Witchwar Legacy",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Games - PSI","​Shadowrun RPG Corporate Guide",​$29.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Odyssey By Adams T-Shirt LG",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Odyssey By Adams T-Shirt MED",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Odyssey By Adams T-Shirt XL",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Odyssey By Adams T-Shirt XXL",​$20.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Shadows II T-Shirt LG",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Shadows II T-Shirt MED",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Shadows II T-Shirt XL",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Shadows II T-Shirt XXL",​$20.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Under The Red Hood T-Shirt LG",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Under The Red Hood T-Shirt MED",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Under The Red Hood T-Shirt XL",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Batman Under The Red Hood T-Shirt XXL",​$20.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Booster Gold Symbol T-Shirt LG",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Booster Gold Symbol T-Shirt MED",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Booster Gold Symbol T-Shirt XL",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Booster Gold Symbol T-Shirt XXL",​$20.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Wonder Woman In-Flight T-Shirt LG",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Wonder Woman In-Flight T-Shirt MED",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Wonder Woman In-Flight T-Shirt XL",​$17.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Wonder Woman In-Flight T-Shirt XXL",​$20.95
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Alien Autopsy DVD","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Bamboo Blade Complete Series DVD","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Big Bang Theory DVD Season 3","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Bleach DVD Volume 32","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Doctor Who Dreamland Animated DVD","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Doctor Who Kings Demons DVD","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Sengoku Basara Samurai Kings Complete Series DVD","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Super Gals Comp DVD Collection","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Superman & Batman Apocalypse Blu-Ray","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Superman & Batman Apocalypse DVD","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Superman & Batman Apocalypse Special Edition DVD","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Film DVD Pack","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​Vampire Knight Volume 2","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Hat",​$25.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Batman Bobble Car",​$16.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Betty Boop Singer Bobble Head",​$12.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Black Cat Statue",​$175.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Black Rock Shooter Figma Action Figure","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid Action Figure","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Black Widow Statue",​$175.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Colored Hamster Eraser 60pc Assortment","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​DC Comics Superhero Logo 50pc Keychain Assortment","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Friday The 13th 2009 Jason 7-in Action Figure",​$17.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Headphonies Skully Mini Speakers",​$25.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Iron Man Extremis Armor Statue",​$175.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Japanese Eraser Combo Box 300pc Assortment","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Lord Of The Rings Frodo 7 Inch Plush",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Lord Of The Rings Gandalf 7 Inch Plush",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Lord Of The Rings Legolas 7 Inch Plush",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Lord Of The Rings Orc 7 Inch Plush",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Machete 7-in Action Figure",​$17.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Marvel Minimates Iron Man 2 Battle Tactics Box Set","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Naruto Shippuden 6-in Action Figure Assortment 3","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Nick Fury Shield Pistol Prop Replica",​$195.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Pyro Mini-bust",​$75.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Star Trek The Original Series Romulan Kirk & Spock Action Figure 2-pack",​$39.98
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Star Trek The Original Series Kirk Vs Gorn Action Figure 2-pack",​$39.98
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars Shock Trooper Super Deformed Plush",​$10.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars Wicket Super Deformed Plush",​$10.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Tonner Jonah Hex Lilah Doll","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​TR-3E Triangular UFO Model Kit",​$13.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Universal Monsters Minimates Wolfman Box Set",​$15.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Universal Monsters Select Mummy Action Figure",​$19.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Vintage Iron Man Panels Lamp In A Box","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Vintage Spider-Man Close Up Lamp In A Box","​AR"​
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​White Queen Emma Frost Modern Statue",​$180.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​White Queen Retro Statue",​$170.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Wippy Uglydoll 12in Plush",​$20.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Wizard Of Oz Cowardly Lion Plush",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Plush",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Wizard Of Oz Flying Monkey Plush",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Plush",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Wizard Of Oz Tin Man Plush",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch Plush",​$13.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Merchandise","​Zorro On Horseback 1/12 Scale Model Kit",​$45.00
 +10/​06/​10,"​NBM/​EUROTICA","​Barbarian Chicks And Demons Volume 3 GN (adult)",​$11.99
 +10/​06/​10,"​Videos","​F Force DVD (adult)","​ AR"
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