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 09/​22/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Telara Chronicles #1 (of 4)",​$3.99 09/​22/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Telara Chronicles #1 (of 4)",​$3.99
 09/​22/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Titans #27 (Brightest Day Tie-In)",​$2.99 09/​22/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Titans #27 (Brightest Day Tie-In)",​$2.99
-09/​22/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Warlord The Forgotten TP (per DC Comics)",​$17.99 
 09/​22/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Wildcats #​27",​$2.99 09/​22/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Wildcats #​27",​$2.99
 09/​22/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Wildcats 3.0 Year One TP",​$24.99 09/​22/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Wildcats 3.0 Year One TP",​$24.99
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