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 09/​12/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League Aquaman Action Figure Wave 3","​AR"​ 09/​12/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League Aquaman Action Figure Wave 3","​AR"​
 09/​12/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Legion Lost #​0",​$2.99 09/​12/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Legion Lost #​0",​$2.99
-09/​12/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Punk Rock Jesus #3 (Of 3)",​$2.99+09/​12/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Punk Rock Jesus #3 (Of 6)",​$2.99
 09/​12/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Ravagers #​0",​$2.99 09/​12/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Ravagers #​0",​$2.99
 09/​12/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Resurrection Man #0 (Final Issue)",​$2.99 09/​12/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Resurrection Man #0 (Final Issue)",​$2.99
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