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 08/​28/​13,"​VERTICAL","​Helter Skelter Fashion Unfriendly GN",​$16.95 08/​28/​13,"​VERTICAL","​Helter Skelter Fashion Unfriendly GN",​$16.95
 08/​28/​13,"​VIDEO WATCHDOG","​Video Watchdog #​174",​$8.95 08/​28/​13,"​VIDEO WATCHDOG","​Video Watchdog #​174",​$8.95
-08/​28/​13,"​YEN PRESS","​Btooom ​Volume 3 GN",​$11.99+08/​28/​13,"​YEN PRESS","​BTOOOM ​Volume 3 GN",​$11.99
 08/​28/​13,"​YEN PRESS","​Bunny Drop Volume 9 GN",​$13.99 08/​28/​13,"​YEN PRESS","​Bunny Drop Volume 9 GN",​$13.99
 08/​28/​13,"​YEN PRESS","​Judge Volume 1 GN",​$12.99 08/​28/​13,"​YEN PRESS","​Judge Volume 1 GN",​$12.99
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