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 08/​26/​15,​IMAGE COMICS,​Tithe Volume 1 TP,​$14.99 ​ 08/​26/​15,​IMAGE COMICS,​Tithe Volume 1 TP,​$14.99 ​
 08/​26/​15,​IMAGE COMICS,​Valhalla Mad #​4,​$3.50 ​ 08/​26/​15,​IMAGE COMICS,​Valhalla Mad #​4,​$3.50 ​
-,IMAGE COMICS,​Walking Dead Volume 24 Life And Death TP,​$14.99 ​+08/26/15,IMAGE COMICS,​Walking Dead Volume 24 Life And Death TP,​$14.99 ​
 08/​26/​15,​IMAGE COMICS,​Wayward Volume 2 TP,​$16.99 ​ 08/​26/​15,​IMAGE COMICS,​Wayward Volume 2 TP,​$16.99 ​
 08/​26/​15,​INSIGHT EDITIONS,​Art Of Dave Seeley HC,​$50.00 ​ 08/​26/​15,​INSIGHT EDITIONS,​Art Of Dave Seeley HC,​$50.00 ​
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