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 08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​Justice Society Of America #​54",​$2.99 08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​Justice Society Of America #​54",​$2.99
 08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​MAD Magazine #​511",​$5.99 08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​MAD Magazine #​511",​$5.99
-08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​New Teen Titans Omnibus Volume 1 HC (per DC Comics)",​$75.00 
 08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​Northlanders #​43",​$2.99 08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​Northlanders #​43",​$2.99
-08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​Steve Ditko Omnibus Volume 1 Starring Shade The Changing Man HC (per DC Comics)",​$59.99 
 08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​Supergirl Bizarrogirl TP",​$19.99 08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​Supergirl Bizarrogirl TP",​$19.99
 08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​Superman Beyond #0 (One Shot)(Dustin Nguyen Regular Cover)",​$3.99 08/​24/​11,"​DC COMICS","​Superman Beyond #0 (One Shot)(Dustin Nguyen Regular Cover)",​$3.99
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