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 08/​12/​15,​Merchandise,​Doctor Who Keep Calm And Call The Doctor Blue T-Shirt XL,$19.99 08/​12/​15,​Merchandise,​Doctor Who Keep Calm And Call The Doctor Blue T-Shirt XL,$19.99
 08/​12/​15,​Merchandise,​Doctor Who Weeping Angel Bookends,​$59.99 08/​12/​15,​Merchandise,​Doctor Who Weeping Angel Bookends,​$59.99
-08/​12/​15,​Merchandise,​Doctor Who Whovian Blue T-Shirt LG,$19.99adult products (ComicList neither recommends or condones the following titles. Read and use this information at your own risk.)+08/​12/​15,​Merchandise,​Doctor Who Whovian Blue T-Shirt LG,$19.99
 08/​12/​15,​Merchandise,​Doctor Who Whovian Blue T-Shirt MED,$19.99 08/​12/​15,​Merchandise,​Doctor Who Whovian Blue T-Shirt MED,$19.99
 08/​12/​15,​Merchandise,​Doctor Who Whovian Blue T-Shirt SM,$19.99 08/​12/​15,​Merchandise,​Doctor Who Whovian Blue T-Shirt SM,$19.99
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