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 +====== ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 07/04/2012 ======
 +ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, July 04, 2012.  This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 1995-2012 Charles S. LePage.
 +PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.
 +ComicList headquarters:​ http://​
 +Items being released this week per sources other than Diamond Distribution are individually noted.
 +==== Acronyms you will find in the lists ====
 +  * AR = ask retailer for price
 +  * GN = graphic novel
 +  * HC = hardcover
 +  * MMPB = mass market paperback
 +  * SC = softcover
 +  * TP = trade paperback
 +07/​04/​12,"​3D TOTAL PUBLISHING","​Digital Art Masters Volume 7 SC",​$49.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​AARDVARK VANAHEIM","​Zootanapuss #4 (not verified by Diamond)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​AC COMICS","​Femforce #​160",​$9.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​ACE BOOKS","​Doctor Who Shada The Lost Adventure By Douglas Adams HC (not verified by Diamond)",​$25.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​ALPHA CONTROL PRESS","​Lost In Space Encyclopedia II SC (not verified by Diamond)",​$39.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​APE ENTERTAINMENT","​Richie Rich Gems Treasures TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Sonic The Hedgehog #​238",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​World Of Archie Double Digest #​19",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​ASPEN COMICS","​Executive Assistant Assassins #1 (Cover A Joe Benitez)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​ASPEN COMICS","​Executive Assistant Assassins #1 (Cover B Eduardo Francisco)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​ASPEN COMICS","​Executive Assistant Assassins #1 (Cover C Joe Benitez Riddled Incentive)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​ASPEN COMICS","​Fathom Kiani Volume 2 #3 (Cover A Oliver Nome)",​$3.50
 +07/​04/​12,"​ASPEN COMICS","​Fathom Kiani Volume 2 #3 (Cover B Eduardo Francisco)",​$3.50
 +07/​04/​12,"​ASPEN COMICS","​Fathom Kiani Volume 2 #3 (Cover C Michael Turner Classic Incentive)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​ASPEN COMICS","​Soulfire Despair #1 (Cover A Michael Ryan)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​ASPEN COMICS","​Soulfire Despair #1 (Cover B Jonathan Marks)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Dan The Unharmable #3 (Rafael Ortiz Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Dan The Unharmable #3 (Rafael Ortiz Retro Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Dan The Unharmable #3 (Rafael Ortiz Wraparound Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Dicks #6 (John McCrea Classic Black & White Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Dicks #6 (John McCrea Offensive Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Dicks #6 (John McCrea Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Ferals #6 (Gabriel Andrade Gore Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Ferals #6 (Gabriel Andrade Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Ferals #6 (Gabriel Andrade Slashed Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Ferals #6 (Gabriel Andrade Wraparound Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Hero Worship #1 (Of 6)(Michael Dipascale Heroic Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Hero Worship #1 (Of 6)(Michael Dipascale Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Hero Worship #1 (Of 6)(Michael Dipascale Wraparound Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BABY TATTOO BOOKS","​Idle Hands The Art Of Coop HC",​$50.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​BEARMANOR MEDIA","​First Responders Of Television SC",​$32.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Clive Barker'​s Hellraiser #15 (Cover A Tim Bradstreet)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Clive Barker'​s Hellraiser #15 (Cover B Nick Percival)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Clive Barker'​s Hellraiser #15 (Cover C Tim Bradstreet)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Fanboys Vs Zombies #4 (Cover A Humberto Ramos)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Fanboys Vs Zombies #4 (Cover B Khary Randolph)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Fanboys Vs Zombies #4 (Cover C Eddie Nunez)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Fanboys Vs Zombies #4 (Cover D Khary Randolph Sketch)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Fanboys Vs Zombies #4 (Cover E Humberto Ramos Sketch)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Fanboys Vs Zombies #4 (Cover F Arthur Suydam CGC 9.8)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Garfield #3 (Cover A Gary Barker)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Garfield #3 (Cover B Jim Davis 1st Appearance Of Jon)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​I Told You So HC",​$17.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Incorruptible Volume 7 TP",​$16.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Other Sides Of Howard Cruse HC",​$24.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Peanuts #1 (Of 4)(Matt Whitlock ECCC 2012 Exclusive Cover)",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Peanuts Volume 1 TP",​$13.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Sketchbook Adventures Of Peter Poplaski HC",​$25.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOUNDLESS COMICS","​Lady Death #19 (Matt Martin Sultry Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOUNDLESS COMICS","​Lady Death #19 (Michael Dipascale Art Deco Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOUNDLESS COMICS","​Lady Death #19 (Michael Dipascale Wraparound Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​BOUNDLESS COMICS","​Lady Death #19 (Renato Camilo Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​CINEFEX","​Cinefex #130 (July 2012)",​$12.50
 +07/​04/​12,"​CLASSIC COMICS PRESS","​Adventures Of Buck O'Rue TP",​$29.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​CLASSIC COMICS PRESS","​Leonard Starr'​s Mary Perkins On Stage Volume 10 TP",​$24.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​COMIC SHOP NEWS","​Comic Shop News #​1307","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 1 Freefall TP",​$17.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Crime Does Not Pay Archives Volume 2 HC",​$49.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Freaks Of The Heartland HC",​$29.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Mass Effect Alliance Normandy SR-2 Replica Ship Antique Silver Edition",​$49.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Mike Norton'​s Battlepug Volume 1 HC",​$14.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Mind MGMT #​2",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Orchid #​8",​$3.50
 +07/​04/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Tarzan The Jesse Marsh Years Volume 11 HC",​$49.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Action Comics #11 (Combo Pack Edition)",​$4.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Action Comics #11 (Cully Hamner Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Action Comics #11 (Rags Morales Black & White Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Action Comics #11 (Rags Morales Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Animal Man #​11",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Batman And Robin Volume 1 Born To Kill HC",​$24.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Earth One HC",​$22.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Batwing #​11",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Before Watchmen Ozymandias #1 (Combo Pack Edition)",​$4.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Before Watchmen Ozymandias #1 (Jae Lee Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Before Watchmen Ozymandias #1 (Jim Lee Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Before Watchmen Ozymandias #1 (Phil Jimenez Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Detective Comics #11 (Combo Pack Edition)",​$4.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Detective Comics #11 (Tony S. Daniel Black & White Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Detective Comics #11 (Tony S. Daniel Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Dial H #​3",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Earth 2 #1 (Ivan Reis & Joe Prado 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Earth 2 #2 (Ivan Reis & Joe Prado 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Earth 2 #3 (Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Black & White Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Earth 2 #3 (Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Fables Volume 17 Inherit The Wind TP",​$14.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Fairest #​5",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​G.I. Combat #​3",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Green Arrow #​11",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Green Lantern Emerald Warriors Volume 1 TP",​$14.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #1 (Of 6)(Dave Wilkins Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #1 (Of 6)(Philip Tan & Ruy Jose Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​I Zombie #​27",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League International #​11",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Night Force #5 (Of 7)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Red Lanterns #​11",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Scooby-Doo Where Are You #​23",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Showcase Presents Showcase Volume 1 TP",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Smallville Season 11 #​3",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Stormwatch #​11",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Suicide Squad Volume 1 Kicked In The Teeth TP",​$14.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Sweet Tooth #​35",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Wonder Woman The Twelve Labors TP",​$14.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Worlds'​ Finest #3 (George Perez Black & White Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Worlds'​ Finest #3 (George Perez Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DENNIS DRUKTENIS PUBLISHING","​Scary Monsters Magazine #​83",​$8.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS","​Game Trade Magazine #​149",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DK PUBLISHING","​Batman The World Of The Dark Knight HC (not verified by Diamond)",​$24.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Boys #​68",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Dreadstar Omnibus Volume 1 TP",​$29.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Green Hornet #26 (Brian Denham Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Green Hornet #26 (Jonathan Lau Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Green Hornet #26 (Phil Hester Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Kirby Genesis Captain Victory #6 (Alex Ross Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Kirby Genesis Captain Victory #6 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Lone Ranger #7 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Ninjettes #5 (Admira Wijaya Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Ninjettes #5 (Admira Wijaya Virgin Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Ninjettes #5 (Risque Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Robert Jordan'​s The Wheel Of Time The Eye Of The World #​27",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Vampirella The Red Room #2 (Ale Garza Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Vampirella The Red Room #2 (Dan Brereton Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Vampirella The Red Room #2 (Fabiano Neves Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Warlord Of Mars #19 (Daniel Sampere Risque Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Warlord Of Mars #19 (Joe Jusko Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Warlord Of Mars #19 (Lucio Parrillo Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Warlord Of Mars #19 (Lucio Parrillo Virgin Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Adventures Of Venus HC (not verified by Diamond)",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Castle Waiting Volume II #​17",​$3.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Dungeon Quest Volume 3 GN (not verified by Diamond)",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​God And Science Return Of The Ti-Girls HC (not verified by Diamond)",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Jack Davis Drawing American Pop Culture A Career Retrospective HC (not verified by Diamond)",​$49.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Tales Designed To Thrizzle #8 (not verified by Diamond)",​$4.50
 +07/​04/​12,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Wandering Son Volume 3 HC (not verified by Diamond)",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​HILL AND WANG","​Not The Israel My Parents Promised Me GN (not verified by Diamond)",​$24.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​HUMANOIDS PUBLISHING","​Paris Soirees HC",​$69.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​HUMANOIDS PUBLISHING","​Zombies That Ate The World Volume 2 Eleventh Commandment HC",​$24.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Cape 1969 #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Zach Howard)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Cape 1969 #1 (Of 4)(Cover RI Nelson Daniel)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Convention Sketchbook HC",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Danger Girl Danger Sized Treasury Edition Volume 2 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Doctor Who Classics Series 4 #6 (Of 6)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Dorothy Of Oz Prequel #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Eric Shanower)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Dorothy Of Oz Prequel #3 (Of 4)(Cover RI CGI Character Art)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Frankenstein Alive Alive #1 (Bernie Wrightson 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #180 (Cover A Herb Trimpe)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #180 (Cover B S. L. Gallant & Gary Erskine)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #180 (Cover RI Larry Hama)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. JOE Cobra Command Volume 2 TP",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Infestation 2 Volume 2 TP",​$17.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Popeye #3 (Cover A Tom Neely)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Popeye #3 (Cover RI Dean Yeagle)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Darwyn Cooke)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Dave Stevens)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4 (Of 4)(Cover RI Darwyn Cooke)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Star Trek Legion Of Super-Heroes HC",​$24.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Robots In Disguise #7 (Cover A Andrew Griffith)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Robots In Disguise #7 (Cover B Casey Coller)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Robots In Disguise #7 (Cover RI Marcelo Matere)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Artifacts #​19",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Creator Owned Heroes #2 (Cover A Kevin Mellon)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Creator Owned Heroes #2 (Cover B Phil Noto)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Danger Club #​3",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Darkness Compendium Volume 2 TP",​$69.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Epic Kill #2 (2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Epic Kill #​3",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Hack Slash #17 (Cover A Tim Seeley)",​$3.50
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Hack Slash #17 (Cover B Tradd Moore & Filipe Sobreiro)",​$3.50
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Haunt #​24",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Invincible #​93",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Invincible Volume 16 Family Ties TP",​$16.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Morning Glories #​20",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Secret #2 (2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.50
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Spawn #221 (Cover A Todd McFarlane)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Spawn #221 (Cover B Todd McFarlane Black & White)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Super Dinosaur Volume 2 TP",​$12.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Thief Of Thieves #5 (2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Thief Of Thieves #​6",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​INSIGHT EDITIONS","​Batmobile The Complete History HC",​$35.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​INSIGHT EDITIONS","​Dark Knight Manual Tools Weapons Vehicles And Documents From The Batcave HC",​$40.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​IT BOOKS","​Wayne Of Gotham A Novel HC",​$26.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​JUMPING JACK PRESS","​Toy Story An Interactive Pop-Up Book And Beyond HC",​$24.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​KENZER AND COMPANY","​Knights Of The Dinner Table #​188",​$5.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​KODANSHA COMICS","​Air Gear Volume 24 GN",​$10.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MANUSCRIPT PRESS","​Comics Revue Presents June 2012",​$19.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARRS MEDIA","​Rue Morgue Magazine #124 (not verified by Diamond)",​$9.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Age Of Apocalypse #5 (Carlo Barberi Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Amazing Spider-Man #689 (Giuseppe Camuncoli Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Amazing Spider-Man #689 (Matthew Clark Lizard Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Assemble Volume 4 TP",​$34.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #0 (Of 12)(Frank Cho 5th Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #1 (Of 12)(Jim Cheung 5th Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #2 (Of 12)(Jim Cheung 5th Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #7 (Of 12)(Esad Ribic Avengers Team Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #7 (Of 12)(Esad Ribic Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #7 (Of 12)(Esad Ribic X-Men Team Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #7 (Of 12)(Jim Cheung Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #7 (Of 12)(Sara Pichelli Sketch Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #7 (Of 12)(Sara Pichelli Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers West Coast Avengers Zodiac Attack HC (Premiere Edition)",​$34.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers West Coast Avengers Zodiac Attack HC (Premiere Edition)(Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 96)",​$34.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Deadpool #​57",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​First X-Men Postcard (Promotional Item)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Fury MAX #​4",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Halo Fall Of Reach Invasion HC (Premiere Edition)",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Hulk #​55",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Hulk Heart Of The Atom TP",​$24.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Infernal Man-Thing #1 (Of 3)(Art Adams Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Infernal Man-Thing #1 (Of 3)(Gil Kane Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Infernal Man-Thing #1 (Of 3)(Kevin Nowlan Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Invincible Iron Man #​520",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvel Super Heroes #​2",​$4.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Muppets #1 (Of 4)",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Punisher #​13",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Punisher By Rick Remender Omnibus HC",​$99.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Season One 2012 Guide (Promotional Item)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Secret Warriors Omnibus HC",​$99.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Spider-Man Return Of The Burglar HC (Premiere Edition)",​$29.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Spider-Man Return Of The Burglar HC (Premiere Edition)(Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 97)",​$29.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Spider-Men #2 (Of 5)(Jim Cheung 2nd Printing Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #​12",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Men #​15",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine #310 (Blank Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine #310 (Ed McGuinness Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine #310 (Simone Bianchi Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine #310 (Stephen Platt Sketch Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine #310 (Stephen Platt Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Factor #​239",​$2.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Men Beauty And The Beast HC (Premiere Edition)",​$29.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Men Beauty And The Beast HC (Premiere Edition)(Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 98)",​$29.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​MCFARLAND","​Web-Spinning Heroics Critical Essays On The History And Meaning Of Spider-Man SC",​$40.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​MONSTERVERSE","​Flesh And Blood Volume 2 GN (Of 4)",​$14.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​NBM","​Boneyard Set Volumes 5-7 GN",​$29.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​ONRIE KOMPAN PRODUCTIONS","​Yi Soon Shin Warrior And Defender Volume 1 HC (not verified by Diamond)",​$24.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​PAPERCUTZ","​Dance Class Volume 2 Romeo And Juliets HC (not verified by Diamond)",​$10.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​PAPERCUTZ","​Garfield And Co Volume 6 Mother Garfield HC (not verified by Diamond)",​$7.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​PAPERCUTZ","​Geronimo Stilton Volume 10 Geronimo Stilton Saves The Olympics HC",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​PAPERCUTZ","​Power Rangers Super Samurai Volume 1 Memory Short GN",​$6.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​PAPERCUTZ","​Power Rangers Super Samurai Volume 1 Memory Short HC",​$10.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​PAPERCUTZ","​Smurfs Volume 12 Smurf Versus Smurf GN (not verified by Diamond)",​$5.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​PAPERCUTZ","​Smurfs Volume 12 Smurf Versus Smurf HC (not verified by Diamond)",​$10.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT","​Dance In The Vampire Bund Volume 12 GN",​$11.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​SHH PRODUCTIONS","​Disturbingly Perverted Diary Of Doktormentor Jail Babe Surgeon #7 (not verified by Diamond)",​$9.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​SLG PUBLISHING","​Knights Of The Living Dead Volume 1 GN",​$14.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​SPIEGEL AND GRAU","​Supergods What Masked Vigilantes Miraculous Mutants And A Sun God From Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human SC",​$16.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​STUDIO 407","​Night Projectionist TP",​$12.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​TITAN PUBLISHING","​Supernatural Magazine #33 (Newsstand Edition)",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS","​Wizzywig HC",​$19.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING","​You Can Build It Volume 1 SC",​$9.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​VERTICAL","​5 Centimeters Per Second GN",​$18.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Bakuman Volume 12 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Bleach Volume 42 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Bleach Volume 43 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Claymore Volume 20 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​D.Gray-Man Volume 22 GN",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Dengeki Daisy Volume 10 GN",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Hana-Kimi 3-In-1 Edition Volume 3 TP",​$14.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Jiu Jiu Volume 1 GN",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Naruto Volume 57 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Natsume'​s Book Of Friends Volume 12 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​One Piece Volume 63 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Oresama Teacher Volume 9 GN",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Pokemon Black And White Volume 8 GN",​$4.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Psyren Volume 5 GN",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​RIN-NE Volume 9 GN",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Rosario+Vampire Season II Volume 9 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Skip Beat 3-In-1 Edition Volume 3 TP",​$14.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Skip Beat Volume 28 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Vampire Knight Volume 14 TP",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Winx Club Volume 1 GN",​$6.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Winx Club Volume 2 GN",​$6.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Salem'​s Daughter Haunting TP",​$15.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Cards - RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES","​NCIS 2012 Premium Trading Card Collector Album","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","​Gamemastery Map Pack Marketplace",​$12.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","​Pathfinder Adventure Path Skull & Shackles Part 3 Tempest Rising",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","​Pathfinder Campaign Setting Lost Kingdoms",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","​Pathfinder Campaign Setting Skull And Shackles Poster Map",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","​Pathfinder Tales Nightglass",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Batman Brave And The Bold Season 3 DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Best Of Batman DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Bleach Uncut Box Set Volume 13 DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​DC Universe Superman Vs The Elite BD + DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​DC Universe Superman Vs The Elite DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Doctor Who Resurrection Of The Daleks DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Doctor Who Seeds Of Death DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Falling Skies Complete First Season BD","​R"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Falling Skies Complete First Season DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Hetalia Season 4 World Series 2 Limited Edition DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Ilsa The Wicked Warden DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Sacred Blacksmith Complete Series DVD","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​4D Cityscape Hong Kong Puzzle",​$39.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​4D Cityscape Sydney Puzzle",​$39.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​4D Cityscape Tokyo Puzzle",​$39.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Adventure Time Onward Charge T-Shirt LG",​$15.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Adventure Time Onward Charge T-Shirt MED",​$15.99
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 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Adventure Time Onward Charge T-Shirt XL",​$15.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Avengers Ringo Heroes Black T-Shirt LG",​$16.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Avengers Ringo Heroes Black T-Shirt MED",​$16.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Avengers Ringo Heroes Black T-Shirt XL",​$16.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Avengers Ringo Heroes Black T-Shirt XXL",​$18.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Batman Dark Knight Mini-Mezitz Tumbler Set",​$27.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Battlestar Galactica Coaster Set",​$39.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Crusty Zombie Toenails Snack 12 Pack","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Deadpool Aid T-Shirt XXL",​$22.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Doctor Who Sticky Note Set",​$6.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Dragonslayer Vermithrax Dragon Model Kit",​$59.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Flash Wanted By Manapul T-Shirt LG",​$18.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Futurama Wooden Bender 6 Inch Vinyl Figure",​$50.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Garo Thunder Knight Baron Makai Kado Action Figure","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Hoihoi-San Senmetsu Shirei Combat-San Chogokin","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​I Vampire Bite Prey Love By Sorrentino T-Shirt LG",​$18.95
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Kamen Rider Fourze Magnet States S.H.Figuarts","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Left 4 Dead Deluxe Boomer Action Figure",​$22.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Lego Minifigures Series 7 Display","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Lego Star Wars Clone Trooper And Commando Droid Set","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Lego Star Wars Endor Rebel And Imperial Trooper Set","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Lego Star Wars Geonosian Cannon Set","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Lego Star Wars Naboo Starfighter And Naboo Set","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Lego Star Wars Sebulba'​s Podracer And Tatooine Set","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Lego Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Set","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Magical Uni-Horns Marshmallow Snack 12 Pack","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Marty The Three Eyed Mutant 3/4 Scale Bust","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Masked Rider V3 S.H. Figuarts","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Mega Man X Zero Type 2 D-Arts Action Figure","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Moguera S.H.MonsterArts Action Figure","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​One Piece Bartholomew Kuma Figuarts Zero","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​One Piece Rookies Chozokei Tamashii 8 Piece Assortment","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Portal Bookends Set",​$29.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Portal Cookie Cutter Set",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Portal Wheatley LED Flashlight",​$19.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Robot Spirits Mashin Hero Wataru Ryuoh-Maru Action Figure","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Robot Spirits Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Gundam Banshee Action Figure","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Soul Of Chogokin GX-61 Daiohja Action Figure","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Trek 4 Piece 16 Ounce Glass Set",​$24.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Trek 4 Piece Wood Coaster Set",​$9.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars 10 Piece Wood Coaster Set With Tin Storage Box",​$20.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars Action Figure Battle Packs Assortment 201202","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars Class II Attack Vehicle Assortment 201202","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars Fetted Kelly Green T-Shirt XXL",​$20.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars High Noon Red T-Shirt LG",​$16.99
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 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars High Noon Red T-Shirt XL",​$16.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars High Noon Red T-Shirt XXL",​$18.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars Movie Legends Action Figure Assortment 201203","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars Vintage Action Figure Assortment 201206","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Weapon Set Action Figure","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Thunder Cats Panthro Don't Care Red T-Shirt LG",​$15.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Thunder Cats Panthro Don't Care Red T-Shirt MED",​$15.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Thunder Cats Panthro Dont Care Red T-Shirt XL",​$15.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Tiger And Bunny Origami Cyclone S.H.Figuarts","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​TMP MLB Series 30 Albert Pujols Action Figure Case","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​tokidoki Golden Moofia Jrs T-Shirt LG",​$24.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​tokidoki Golden Moofia Jrs T-Shirt MED",​$24.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​tokidoki Golden Moofia Jrs T-Shirt SM",​$24.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​tokidoki Golden Moofia Jrs T-Shirt XL",​$24.00
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Ultimate Comic Book Art Set","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Wing Gundam Ms Shojo Armor Girls Project Action Figure","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Wolverine Drawn To Cover Sand T-Shirt LG",​$18.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Wolverine Drawn To Cover Sand T-Shirt MED",​$18.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Wolverine Drawn To Cover Sand T-Shirt XL",​$18.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Wolverine Drawn To Cover Sand T-Shirt XXL",​$20.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​X-Men Omega Red Red T-Shirt LG",​$16.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​X-Men Omega Red Red T-Shirt MED",​$16.99
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 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​X-Men Omega Red Red T-Shirt XXL",​$18.99
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Yummy Breakfast Keychain 25 Piece Blind Mystery Box Display","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Merchandise","​Yummy Dessert Keychain 25 Piece Blind Mystery Box Display","​AR"​
 +07/​04/​12,"​Videos","​Erotic Temptress Perfect Love Doll DVD (adult)",​$6.50
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