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 05/​29/​13,"​DC COMICS","​Wake #1 (Of 10)(Adam Kubert Variant Cover)","​AR"​ 05/​29/​13,"​DC COMICS","​Wake #1 (Of 10)(Adam Kubert Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 05/​29/​13,"​DC COMICS","​Wake #1 (Of 10)(Sean Murphy Regular Cover)",​$2.99 05/​29/​13,"​DC COMICS","​Wake #1 (Of 10)(Sean Murphy Regular Cover)",​$2.99
-05/​29/​13,"​DC COMICS","​Watchmen ​HC (Deluxe Edition)",​$39.99+05/​29/​13,"​DC COMICS","​Watchmen ​The Deluxe Edition ​HC",​$39.99
 05/​29/​13,"​DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS","​Game Trade Magazine #​160",​$3.99 05/​29/​13,"​DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS","​Game Trade Magazine #​160",​$3.99
 05/​29/​13,"​DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS","​Previews #297 (June 2013)",​$4.50 05/​29/​13,"​DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS","​Previews #297 (June 2013)",​$4.50
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