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 05/​22/​13,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Red Sonja #75 (Cover B Erik Jones)",​$3.99 05/​22/​13,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Red Sonja #75 (Cover B Erik Jones)",​$3.99
 05/​22/​13,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Red Sonja #75 (Cover C Walter Geovanni)",​$3.99 05/​22/​13,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Red Sonja #75 (Cover C Walter Geovanni)",​$3.99
 +05/​22/​13,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Red Sonja Atlantis Rises TP",​$19.99
 05/​22/​13,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Vampirella Archives Volume 7 HC",​$49.99 05/​22/​13,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Vampirella Archives Volume 7 HC",​$49.99
 05/​22/​13,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Cat On A Hot Thin Groove TP (not verified by Diamond)",​$35.00 05/​22/​13,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Cat On A Hot Thin Groove TP (not verified by Diamond)",​$35.00
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