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 +====== ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 05/16/2012 ======
 +ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, May 16, 2012.  This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 1995-2012 Charles S. LePage.
 +PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.
 +ComicList headquarters:​ http://​
 +Items being released this week per sources other than Diamond Distribution are individually noted.
 +==== Acronyms you will find in the lists ====
 +  * AR = ask retailer for price
 +  * GN = graphic novel
 +  * HC = hardcover
 +  * MMPB = mass market paperback
 +  * SC = softcover
 +  * TP = trade paperback
 +05/​16/​12,"​12-GAUGE COMICS","​Boondock Saints Volume 1 In Nomine Patris HC (Limited Edition)",​$34.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT","​Princeless Volume 1 Save Yourself TP",​$14.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​AMRYL ENTERTAINMENT","​Cavewoman Mutation #2 (Devon Massey Special Edition)",​$6.85
 +05/​16/​12,"​ANTARCTIC PRESS","​Gold Digger #​138",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​APE ENTERTAINMENT","​Richie Rich Digest Volume 2 Pursuit Of Pesos And Other Stories TP",​$6.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​APE ENTERTAINMENT","​Scouts Drafted GN",​$6.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Archie Double Digest #​229",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Jughead #​213",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Sonic Universe #​40",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ARDDEN ENTERTAINMENT","​Flash Gordon Vengence Of Ming GN (not verified by Diamond)",​$12.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​AUDIOGO","​Doctor Who The Lost TV Episodes Collection Four 1967 Audio CD",​$124.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​AUDIOGO","​Torchwood Fallout An Audio-Exclusive Adventure Audio CD",​$24.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​AZURE PRESS","​Ninjas Vs Zombies Bundle (issues 1-4; signed copy of issue 5; bonus copy of issue 6)",​$14.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BIG DOG INK","​Ursa Minor #1 (Ian Snyder Regular Cover)",​$3.50
 +05/​16/​12,"​BIG DOG INK","​Ursa Minor #1 (Natalie Sanders Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​BLACK LIBRARY","​Void Stalker MMPB (Night Lords)(Warhammer 40K)",​$8.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS","​Female Force #36 (Carrie Fisher)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS","​John Saul's The God Project #​2",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS","​Mis-Adventures Of Adam West #​3",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS","​Quatermain #​4",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BONGO COMICS","​Simpsons Comics #​190",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Adventure Time #4 (Cover A Kassandra Heller)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Adventure Time #4 (Cover B Chris Houghton)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Adventure Time #4 (Cover C Scott C)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Adventure Time #4 (Cover D Bettie Ward)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Planet Of The Apes #14 (Cover A Carlos Magno)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Planet Of The Apes #14 (Cover B Damian Couceiro)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Planet Of The Apes #14 (Cover C Carlos Magno Sketch)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Steed And Mrs Peel #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Ian Gibson)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Steed And Mrs Peel #5 (Of 6)(Cover B Ian Gibson)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Supurbia #1 (Josh Covey 3rd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Valen The Outcast #6 (Cover A Khary Randolph)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Valen The Outcast #6 (Cover B Eddie Nunez)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Valen The Outcast #6 (Cover C Matteo Scalera)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Valen The Outcast #6 (Cover D Eddie Nunez Sketch)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Valen The Outcast #6 (Cover E Khary Randolph Sketch)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​WordGirl Volume 4 Fashion Disaster GN",​$7.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOUNDLESS COMICS","​Lady Death Origins Cursed #2 (Of 3)(Jason Eden Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOUNDLESS COMICS","​Lady Death Origins Cursed #2 (Of 3)(Michael Dipascale Art Deco Incentive Cover)",​$3.80
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOUNDLESS COMICS","​Lady Death Origins Cursed #2 (Of 3)(Michael Dipascale Sultry Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​BOUNDLESS COMICS","​Lady Death Origins Cursed #2 (Of 3)(Michael Dipascale Wrap Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​COMIC SHOP NEWS","​Comic Shop News #​1300","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​CREEPY CLASSICS","​Monster Bash #​15",​$8.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​CUTTING EDGE PRESS","​100 Months HC",​$29.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth The Devil'​s Engine #1 (Of 3)",​$3.50
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Bride Of The Water God Volume 11 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Classic Marvel Characters The Fantastic Four #5 Dr. Doom",​$49.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Conan The Barbarian #​4",​$3.50
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Domo 2 Inch Qee Series 4 15 Figure Mystery Box Display","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Eerie Archives Volume 10 HC",​$49.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Hellboy Volume 2 Wake The Devil TP (6th Printing)",​$17.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Paradox Entertainment Presents Kult TP",​$12.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Reset #1 (Of 4)(Matt Kindt Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Reset #2 (Of 4)",​$3.50
 +05/​16/​12,"​DARK HORSE COMICS","​Star Wars Dawn Of The Jedi Force Storm #4 (Of 5)",​$3.50
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Bruce Wayne The Road Home TP",​$17.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Batwoman #9 (Ben Oliver Black & White Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Batwoman #9 (Ben Oliver Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Birds Of Prey #9 (Night Of The Owls)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Blue Beetle #​9",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Captain Atom #​9",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Catwoman #9 (Night Of The Owls)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Catwoman Volume 1 The Game TP",​$14.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Raven PVC Figure (resolicited)",​$100.00
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​DC Comics The New 52 Wave 2 Promotional Poster","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​DC Universe Presents #​9",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Deadenders TP",​$29.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Fables Volume 1 Legends In Exile TP (New Edition)",​$12.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Green Lantern Brightest Day TP",​$19.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Green Lantern Corps #​9",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Green Lantern The Animated Series #​2",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Green Lantern The Animated Series Hal Jordan Statue (resolicited)",​$125.00
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Green Lantern Volume 1 Sinestro HC",​$22.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Hellblazer #​291",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League #4 (Jim Lee & Scott Williams 3rd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League #9 (Carlos D'Anda Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League #9 (Combo Pack Edition)",​$4.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League #9 (Jim Lee & Scott Williams Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League #9 (Jim Lee Black & White Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Legion Of Super-Heroes #​9",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Nightwing #9 (Night Of The Owls)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Red Hood And The Outlaws #9 (Night Of The Owls)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Saucer Country #​3",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Scalped #​58",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Secret Society Of Super-Villains Volume 2 HC",​$39.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Shade #8 (Of 12)(Jill Thompson Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Shade #8 (Of 12)(Tony Harris Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Supergirl #​9",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Wonder Woman #9 (Cliff Chiang Black & White Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DC COMICS","​Wonder Woman #9 (Cliff Chiang Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Castle Mango Volume 1 GN",​$12.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Private Teacher Volume 3 GN",​$12.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Samejima-Kun And Sasahara Kun GN",​$12.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Starry Sky Volume 1 GN",​$12.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Tyrant Falls In Love Volume 6 GN",​$12.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMIC FORCES","​Shadow #1 (Dynamic Forces)(Francesco Francavilla Exclusive Cover)",​$14.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Army Of Darkness #4 (Tim Seeley Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Ninjettes #4 (Admira Wijaya Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Ninjettes #4 (Admira Wijaya Virgin Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Ninjettes #4 (Eman Casallos Risque Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Nowhere Man #3 (Of 4)(Jeevan J. Kang Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Shadow #2 (Alex Ross Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Shadow #2 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Shadow #2 (Howard Chaykin Red Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Shadow #2 (Howard Chaykin Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Shadow #2 (Jae Lee Negative Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Shadow #2 (Jae Lee Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Shadow #2 (John Cassady Black & White Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Shadow #2 (John Cassady Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Shadow #2 (Ryan Sook Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Vampirella Vs Dracula #4 (Of 6)(Joseph Michael Linsner Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Voltron #5 (Alex Ross Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Voltron #5 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Voltron #5 (Sean Chen Red Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Voltron #5 (Sean Chen Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS","​DC Superhero Chess Figure Collection Magazine #2 Robin White Bishop",​$16.00
 +05/​16/​12,"​FILMFAX","​Filmfax #130 (Spring 2012)",​$9.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​GEN MANGA ENTERTAINMENT","​Kamen GN",​$9.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​GRAPHIC UNIVERSE","​Miss Annie Volume 2 Rooftop Cat GN",​$6.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​HERMES PRESS","​Walt Kelly The Life And Art Of The Creator Of Pogo HC (resolicited)",​$49.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​HIGH SPEED PRODUCTIONS","​Juxtapoz #137 (June 2012)(not verified by Diamond)",​$5.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT","​Are You My Mother A Comic Drama HC",​$22.00
 +05/​16/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​30 Days Of Night 10 Bloody Years Treasury Edition TP",​$9.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Complete Chester Gould'​s Dick Tracy Volume 13 1950-1951 HC",​$39.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Jurassic Park Dangerous Games HC",​$24.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Last Unicorn Deluxe Edition HC",​$50.00
 +05/​16/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Locke And Key Clockworks #6 (Of 6)(Gabriel Rodriguez Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Locke And Key Clockworks #6 (Of 6)(Gabriel Rodriguez Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE","​Illustration Magazine #37 (not verified by Diamond)",​$15.00
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Activity #​6",​$3.50
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Artifacts #1-13 Complete 1-In-100 Foil Variant Cover Set (Signed By Marc Silvestri)",​$500.00
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Dancer #​1",​$3.50
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Danger Club #​2",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Darkness #​103",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Fatale #1 (5th Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.50
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Glory #​26",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Hardcore #​1",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Hardcore #1 (Marc Silvestri Top Cow Store Sketch Variant Cover)",​$10.00
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Hell Yeah #​3",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Manhattan Projects #​3",​$3.50
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Mondo #2 (Of 3)",​$4.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Saga #​3",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Thief Of Thieves #1 (3rd Printing Variant Cover)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Thief Of Thieves #​4",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​KENZER AND COMPANY","​Knights Of The Dinner Table #186 (not verified by Diamond)",​$5.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​KODANSHA COMICS","​Deltora Quest Volume 6 GN (not verified by Diamond)",​$10.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​KODANSHA COMICS","​Sailor Moon Volume 5 TP (Kodansha Edition)",​$10.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​LOCUS MAGAZINE","​Locus #​616",​$6.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Amazing Spider-Man #682 (Gabriele Dell'​Otto 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Amazing Spider-Man #683 (Gabriele Dell'​Otto 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Amazing Spider-Man Ends Of Earth #​1",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers #​26",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Academy #​30",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers The Contest TP",​$16.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #0 (Of 12)(Frank Cho 3rd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #4 (Of 12)(Jerome Opena Sketch Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #4 (Of 12)(Jerome Opena Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #4 (Of 12)(Jim Cheung Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #4 (Of 12)(Mark Bagley Avengers Team Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #4 (Of 12)(Mark Bagley Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Vs X-Men #4 (Of 12)(Mark Bagley X-Men Team Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​AvX Vs #2 (Of 6)(Salvador Larroca Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​AvX Vs #2 (Of 6)(Steve McNiven Fight Poster Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Daredevil #​13",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Deadpool MAX Second Cut HC (Premiere Edition)",​$24.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Fantastic Four #​605.1",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Fury MAX #​2",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Generation Hope The End Of A Generation TP",​$15.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Hulk Smash Avengers #3 (Of 5)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Husk Smash Avengers Collectible Postcard #3 (Promotional Item)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Incredible Hulk #​7.1",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Invincible Iron Man #​517",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​John Carter The Gods Of Mars #3 (Of 5)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine TP",​$14.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvel'​s The Avengers Black Widow Strikes #2 (Of 3)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Moon Knight By Brian Michael Bendis And Alex Maleev Volume 2 HC (Premiere Edition)",​$24.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​New Avengers #24 (Mike Deodata 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Volume 3 HC (Premiere Edition)",​$29.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​New Mutants #​42",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​New Mutants Classic Volume 7 TP",​$29.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Secret Service #2 (Of 7)(Dave Gibbons Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Secret Service #2 (Of 7)(Leinil Francis Yu Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Thunderbolts #​174",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Men #​12",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Venom #​18",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Winter Soldier #​5",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine And Black Cat Claws 2 TP",​$14.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Factor #​236",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​MOONSTONE","​Lone Ranger Chronicles SC",​$19.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​NBM","​Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Volume 1 The Selfish Giant And The Star Child HC (New Printing)",​$17.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​NBM","​Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Volume 1 The Selfish Giant And The Star Child SC (New Printing)",​$9.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​NBM","​Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Volume 5 The Happy Prince HC",​$16.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ONI PRESS","​Coldest City HC",​$19.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ONI PRESS","​Crogans Loyalty HC",​$14.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ONI PRESS","​Secret History Of DB Cooper #​3",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ONI PRESS","​Sixth Gun #​22",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL","​Amazing Spider-Man 8 Button Play-A-Sound HC",​$12.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​REBELLION","​Leviathan GN (Simon & Schuster Edition)",​$16.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​RED 5 COMICS","​Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures #​2",​$2.75
 +05/​16/​12,"​RED 5 COMICS","​Dead Or Alive #4 (Of 4)",​$3.50
 +05/​16/​12,"​RED ANVIL","​War Of The Independents #3 (not verified by Diamond)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​RZG COMICS","​Phazer War Of The Independents Crossover #​2",​$3.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS","​Shadow 80th Anniversary Commemorative Collection 4 Pack",​$39.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​SCREEM","​Screem #24 (Newsstand Edition)(not verified by Diamond)",​$7.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​SELFMADEHERO","​Best Of Enemies A History Of U.S. And Middle East Relations Volume 1 1783-1953 HC",​$24.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​SELFMADEHERO","​But I Really Wanted To Be An Anthropologist GN",​$24.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​TOHAN CORPORATION","​Megami March 2012",​$16.60
 +05/​16/​12,"​TOHAN CORPORATION","​Newtype March 2012",​$16.00
 +05/​16/​12,"​TOR BOOKS","​Battle Of Blood And Ink A Fable Of The Flying City Volume 1 GN (not verified by Diamond)",​$25.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING","​Alter Ego #​108",​$8.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING","​Alter Ego #​109",​$8.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING","​Back Issue #​56",​$8.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​VERTICAL","​Flowers Of Evil Volume 1 GN",​$10.95
 +05/​16/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Future Is Japanese SC",​$14.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Saturn Apartments Volume 4 TP",​$12.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Saturn Apartments Volume 5 TP",​$12.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Grimm Fairy Tales #73 (Cover A Stjepan Sejic)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Grimm Fairy Tales #73 (Cover B Pasquale Qualano)",​$2.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​Cards - PRESS PASS","​Press Pass 2012 Ignite Racing Trading Card Box",​$80.25
 +05/​16/​12,"​Cards - RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES","​James Bond 50th Anniversary Trading Card Box",​$57.30
 +05/​16/​12,"​Cards - RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES","​James Bond 50th Anniversary Trading Card Collector Album",​$17.25
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 +05/​16/​12,"​Videos","​Haywire BD + DVD","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​Videos","​Haywire DVD","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​Videos","​Infinite Stratos Complete Collection DVD","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​Videos","​Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Sinnoh League Victors Volume 2 DVD","​AR"​
 +05/​16/​12,"​Videos","​Woman Knight Of Mirror Lake BD + DVD","​AR"​
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 +05/​16/​12,"​Merchandise","​Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Seaview Model Kit",​$119.99
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 +05/​16/​12,"​EROS COMIX","​Dirty Girlz GN (adult)",​$12.99
 +05/​16/​12,"​WHITE LIGHTNING PRODUCTIONS","​Cream And Sugar The Erotic Works Of Solomon Russell TP (adult)",​$20.95
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