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 +====== ComicList for 05/05/2010 ======
 +===== ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, May 5, 2010. =====  ​
 +This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 2010 by Charles LePage.
 +ComicList headquarters:​ http://​
 +==== Acronyms you will find in the lists ====
 +  * AR = ask retailer for price
 +  * GN = graphic novel
 +  * HC = hardcover
 +  * MMPB = mass market paperback
 +  * SC = softcover
 +  * TP = trade paperback
 +05/​05/​10,"​AARDVARK VANAHEIM","​Glamourpuss #​13",​$3.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​ABSTRACT STUDIOS","​Echo #​21",​$3.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​ANTARCTIC PRESS","​Gold Digger #​117",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​ANTARCTIC PRESS","​Gold Digger Peebris Big Adventure #​2",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​ANTARCTIC PRESS","​Twi Lit",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​APE ENTERTAINMENT","​Black Coat Or Give Me Death TP",​$12.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​APE ENTERTAINMENT","​Celebrity Zombie Killers GN",​$12.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​APE ENTERTAINMENT","​Second Chance At Sarah GN",​$12.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​ARCANA STUDIO","​Grunts War Stories TP (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$14.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​ARCANA STUDIO","​Paradox GN (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$14.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​ARCHAIA ENTERTAINMENT","​Killer Modus Vivendi #1 (of 6)",​$3.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​ARCHAIA ENTERTAINMENT","​Secret History Book 8",​$5.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Archie & Friends #​143",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Pals N Gals Double Digest #​141",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Tales From Riverdale Digest #​38",​$2.69
 +05/​05/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Veronica #​200",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​ASPEN MLT","​Dellec #4 (Cover A Micah Gunnell)",​$2.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​ASPEN MLT","​Dellec #4 (Cover B Micah Gunnell)",​$2.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​ASPEN MLT","​Dellec #4 (Cover C Micah Gunnell)",​$2.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​ASPEN MLT","​Dellec #4 (Cover D Micah Gunnell)",​$2.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​ASPEN MLT","​Dellec #4 (Micah Gunnell Complete Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​ASPEN MLT","​Soulfire Volume Two #4 (Marcus To Electrified Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​BANDAI","​Code Geass Knight Volume 1 GN",​$10.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BANDAI","​Gundam 00F Volume 3 GN",​$10.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BBC BOOKS","​Doctor Who Apollo 23 HC",​$11.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BBC BOOKS","​Doctor Who Forgotten Army HC",​$11.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BBC BOOKS","​Doctor Who Night Of The Humans HC",​$11.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BBC UNITED KINGDOM","​Doctor Who & The Planet Of Spiders Audio CD",​$34.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​BLIND FERRET ENTERTAINMENT","​Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 3 Muffins TP",​$12.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​28 Days Later #10 (Cover A Sean Phillips)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​28 Days Later #10 (Cover B Declan Shalvey)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Codebreakers #2 (Cover A Julian Totino Tedesco)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Codebreakers #2 (Cover B Brett Weldele)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Incorruptible #5 (Cover A Rafael Albuquerque)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Incorruptible #5 (Cover B Dennis Calero)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Incorruptible Volume 1 TP",​$16.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Irredeemable #13 (Cover A Paul Azaceta)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Irredeemable #13 (Cover B Chris Cross)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Irredeemable #13 (Cover C Chris Cross Sketch Cover)(per BOOM! Studios)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Irredeemable #13 (Jeffrey Spokes Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Muppet King Arthur #4 (of 4)(Cover A David Peterson)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Muppet King Arthur #4 (of 4)(Cover B James Silvani)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Muppet Show #5 (Cover A Roger Langridge)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Muppet Show #5 (Cover B Roger Langridge)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Muppet Show Volume 2 On The Road TP (per BOOM! Studios)",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Nola Volume 1 TP",​$16.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Toy Story Volume 1 The Return Of Buzz Lightyear HC (per BOOM! Studios)",​$24.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Toy Story Volume 1 The Return Of Buzz Lightyear TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #706 (Cover A Andrea '​Casty'​ Castellan)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #706 (Cover B Magic Eye Studios and Jake Myler)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​COMIC SHOP NEWS","​Comic Shop News #​1194","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Amazon HC",​$14.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Archives Volume 2 HC",​$49.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Buffy The Vampire Slayer #35 (Season Eight)(Twilight Part 4 of 4)(Georges Jeanty Variant Cover)",​$3.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Buffy The Vampire Slayer #35 (Season Eight)(Twilight Part 4 of 4)(Jo Chen Regular Cover)",​$3.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Conan Volume 8 Black Colossus HC",​$24.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Doctor Grordbort'​s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory HC (4th printing)(per Dark Horse)",​$14.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Edgar Rice Burroughs'​ John Carter Of Mars The Jesse Marsh Years HC (was TP)",​$29.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Eerie Archives Volume 3 HC",​$49.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Hellboy In Mexico Or A Drunken Blur (Mike Mignola Variant Cover)",​$3.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Hellboy In Mexico Or A Drunken Blur (Richard Corbin Regular Cover)",​$3.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Savage Sword Of Conan Volume 7 TP (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$19.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Astro City The Dark Age Book Four #4 (of 4)(Alex Ross '​Samaritan'​ Cover)",​$4.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Astro City The Dark Age Book Four #4 (of 4)(Alex Ross '​Williams Brothers'​ Cover)",​$4.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Authority #​22",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman And Robin #12 (Andy Clarke Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman And Robin #12 (Frank Quitely Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Confidential #​44",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Billy Batson And The Magic Of SHAZAM TP",​$12.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Brightest Day #1 (David Finch Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Brightest Day #1 (Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Brightest Day White Lantern Promotional Rings (released with Brightest Day issue 1)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Broken Blade Volume 3 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Cartoon Network Action Pack #​49",​$2.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Demo Volume 2 #4 (Of 6)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Dong Xoai Vietnam 1965 HC",​$24.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Doom Patrol #​10",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​God Of War #1 (Andy Parks Second Printing Sketch Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Great Ten #7 (of 10)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​House Of Mystery #​25",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​I Zombie #1 (Darwyne Cooke Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​I Zombie #1 (Michael Allred Regular Cover)",​$1.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Jonah Hex #1 (New Printing)",​$1.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Jonah Hex #​55",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Jonah Hex Welcome To Paradise TP",​$17.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​JSA All-Stars #​6",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League Of America Volume 5 Second Coming TP",​$17.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Looney Tunes #​186",​$2.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Nemesis The Impostors #3 (of 4)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Red Robin #​12",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Secret Six #​21",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Sparta USA #3 (of 6)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Superman War Of The Supermen #1 (Of 4)(Aaron Lopresti Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Superman War Of The Supermen #1 (Of 4)(Eddy Barrows Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Sweet Tooth #​9",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Transmetropolitan Volume 7 Spider'​s Thrash TP (New Printing)",​$14.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Warlord #​14",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DEL REY","​Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia SC (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$30.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​DEL REY","​Pride And Prejudice And Zombies GN",​$14.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DEL REY COMICS","​Talisman Road Of Trials Volume 1 HC",​$25.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​DEL REY MANGA","​Negima Neo Volume 5 GN",​$10.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DEL REY MANGA","​Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei Volume 6 GN",​$10.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DEL REY MANGA","​Tsubasa Volume 26 GN",​$10.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Dry Heat GN (resolicited)",​$12.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Yellow Omnibus Edition Volume 2 GN (of 2)",​$19.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMIC FORCES","​Torch #2 (Dynamic Forces)(Alex Ross Signed Exclusive Cover",​$29.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMIC FORCES","​Torch #3 (Dynamic Forces)(Alex Ross Signed Exclusive Cover)",​$29.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Boys #​42",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Buck Rogers #11 (Carlos Rafael Regular Cover)",​$3.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Buck Rogers #11 (John Watson Variant Cover)",​$3.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Buck Rogers Volume 1 Future Shock HC",​$24.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Complete Alice In Wonderland #4 (of 4)",​$4.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Dreadstar The Beginning HC (resolicited)",​$29.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Kato Origins #1 (Way Of The Ninja)(Spot Color Cover)",​$29.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Lone Ranger Definitive Edition Volume 1 HC (resolicited)",​$75.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Project Superpowers Meet The Bad Guys TP",​$16.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Red Sonja Wrath Of The Gods #4 (of 5)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Zorro Matanzas #4 (of 4)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Zorro Volume 2 Clashing Blades HC",​$24.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Krazy And Ignatz 1916-1918 TP",​$24.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​GAMES WORKSHOP","​White Dwarf #​364",​$9.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​GRAPHICAUDIO","​DC Universe Last Sons Audio CD","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE","​Heavy Metal July 2010 (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$6.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​HORRORHOUND","​Horrorhound #​23",​$6.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​A-Team Shotgun Wedding TP",​$17.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​A-Team War Stories TP",​$17.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Angel Barbary Coast #2 (Dan Panosian Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Angel Barbary Coast #2 (Franco Urru Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Angel Barbary Coast #2 (Franco Urru Virgin Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Doctor Who Classics III #3 (Robert Hack Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Doctor Who Classics Omnibus Volume 1 TP",​$24.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Eternal Descent #2 (Diego Perez Galindo Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Eternal Descent #2 (Jason Metcalf Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. Joe Origins #15 (Klaus Scherwinski Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. Joe Origins #15 (Tom Feister Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. Joe Origins #15 (Tom Feister Virgin Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Rip Kirby Volume 2 HC",​$49.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Spike After The Fall Volume 1 TP",​$17.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Star Trek Captains Log Harriman #1 (David Messina Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Star Trek Captains Log Harriman #1 (Photo Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Movie Collection Volume 2 HC",​$50.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Nefarious #3 (Brian Rood Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Nefarious #3 (Brian Rood Virgin Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Nefarious #3 (Carlos Magno Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​We Will Bury You #3 (of 4)(Trevor Hutchison Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​We Will Bury You #3 (of 4)(Trevor Hutchison Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Elephantmen Volume 3 Dangerous Liaisons HC",​$34.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Elephantmen Volume 3 Dangerous Liaisons TP",​$24.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Halo Mongoose ATV Series 2 Action Figure Assortment","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Haunt Volume 1 TP (2nd Printing)(per Image)",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Invincible Returns #1 (David Finch 2nd Printing Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​King City #​8",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Madman Atomic Comics Volume 3 Electric Allegories TP",​$19.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Orc Stain #​3",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Pilot Season Stealth #​1",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Shadowhawk #1 (Erik Larsen Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Shadowhawk #1 (Tone Rodriguez Regular Cover)",​$3.50
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Spawn #​197",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Walking Dead Volume 5 HC",​$34.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Witchblade #125 (Ron Marz Signed Edition)",​$14.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​KENZER AND COMPANY","​Knights Of The Dinner Table #​161",​$4.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","​Kobold Quarterly Magazine #​13",​$7.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​KRAUSE PUBLICATIONS","​Ink Bloom Draw And Paint A Fantasy Adventure SC",​$26.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Alias #1 (Marvels Greatest Comics)",​$1.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Amazing Spider-Man #630 (Chris Bachalo Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Amazing Spider-Man #630 (Joe Quinones Villain Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #1 (Adam Kubert Foilogram Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #1 (Adam Kubert Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers I Am An Avenger TP (was called '​Avengers:​ I Am An Avenger Volume 1'​)",​$24.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Mini Poster","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Prime/New Avengers Postcard","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers The Origin #2 (Of 5)(Phil Noto Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers The Origin #2 (Of 5)(Salvador Larroca Heroic Age Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Thor & Captain America Official Index To The Marvel Universe #1 (Heroic Age Tie-In)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Black Widow #1 (Travel Foreman 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Cable Volume 3 Stranded TP",​$14.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Captain America Black Panther Flags Of Our Fathers #2 (of 4)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Dark Tower The Gunslinger Born TP",​$19.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Dark X-Men HC (Premiere Edition)",​$19.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Deadpool Corps #​2",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Deadpool Volume 3 X Marks The Spot TP",​$15.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Electric Ant #2 (of 5)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Halo Blood Line #5 (of 5)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Invincible Iron Man Volume 3 World'​s Most Wanted Book 2 TP",​$14.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Iron Man 2 Public Identity #2 (Of 3)(was 'Iron Man 1.5'​)a>",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Iron Man Armor Wars II TP",​$29.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Iron Man II Movie Poster","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Iron Man Legacy #1 (Salvador Larroca 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Iron Man The Art Of Iron Man 2 HC",​$49.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Many Loves Of The Amazing Spider-Man #​1",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Realm Of Kings Son Of Hulk #4 (of 4)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (Dustin Weaver Second Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Spectacular Spider-Girl #1 (Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Spider-Man Fever #2 (of 3)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Spider-Man Magazine #​11",​$6.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Stephen Kings N. #3 (of 4)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Thor And The Warriors Four #2 (of 4)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #​2",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Men #524 (Adi Granov Regular Cover)(X-Men Second Coming Tie-In)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Men #524 (David Finch Variant Cover)(X-Men Second Coming Tie-In)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Uncanny X-Men #524 (Stephane Roux Heroic Age Variant Cover)(X-Men Second Coming Tie-In)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #8 (Bryan Hitch Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #8 (Josh Medors Heroic Age Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Men Second Coming #1 (David Finch Second Printing Variant Cover)(X-Men Second Coming Tie-In)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Men Second Coming Revelations Hellbound #1 (of 3)(X-Men Second Coming Tie-In)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​ONI PRESS","​Ghost Projekt #2 (of 5)",​$3.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS","​Doc Savage Double Novel Volume 36 SC (Regular Pulp Cover)",​$12.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS","​Shadow Double Novel Volume 37 SC",​$12.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS","​Whisperer Double Novel Volume 3 SC",​$12.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​TITAN BOOKS","​Firefly Still Flying A Celebration Of Joss Whedon'​s Acclaimed TV Series SC",​$19.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​TITAN BOOKS","​Yippee Ki-Yay Moviegoer Writings On Bruce Willis Badass Cinema And Other Important Topics SC",​$14.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​TITAN PUBLISHING","​Stargate Magazine #34 (Special)",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​TOMART PUBLICATIONS","​Tomarts Action Figure Digest #​188",​$5.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS","​Super F$$$$$s TP",​$14.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​TRANSFUZION PUBLISHING","​HP Lovecraft Call Of Cthulhu GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING","​Alter Ego #​93",​$7.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​UDON ENTERTAINMENT","​Darkstalkers Night Warriors #2 (of 3)(Cover A Alvin Lee)",​$3.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​UDON ENTERTAINMENT","​Darkstalkers Night Warriors #2 (of 3)(Cover B Emily Warren)",​$3.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​VERTICAL","​Twin Spica Volume 1 GN",​$10.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​VILLARD BOOKS","​Stuff Of Legend TP",​$13.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Black Bird Volume 4 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​BODY Volume 9 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Crown Of Love Volume 2 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​D Gray Man Volume 17 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Dragon Ball Chapter Book Volume 8 Fight To The Finish",​$4.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Flower In a Storm Volume 1 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Gin Tama Volume 18 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Haruka Beyond The Stream Of Time Volume 8 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Hikaru No Go Volume 19 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Kaze Hikaru Volume 17 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Naruto Chapter Book Volume 13 Beauty Is The Beast",​$4.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​One Piece Omnibus Volume 10 11 & 12 East Blue TP",​$14.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​One Piece Volume 44 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​One Piece Volume 45 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​One Piece Volume 46 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​One Piece Volume 47 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​One Piece Volume 48 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Otomen Volume 6 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Prince Of Tennis Volume 37 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Record Of A Fallen Vampire Volume 9 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Sand Chronicles Volume 8 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Shaman King Volume 28 TP",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Shonen Jump Volume 8 #6 (June 2010)",​$4.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Waq Waq Volume 4 GN (of 4)",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​We Were There Volume 10 GN",​$9.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​WIZARDS OF THE COAST","​Forgotten Realms Legend Of Drizzt Collectors Edition Book 2 TP",​$19.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​WIZARDS OF THE COAST","​Magic The Gathering Purifying Fire A Planeswalker Novel MMPB",​$7.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​WW NORTON","​Forget Sorrow An Ancestral Tale HC",​$23.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Grimm Fairy Tales Inferno #1 (of 5)(Cover A Joe Benitez)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Grimm Fairy Tales Inferno #1 (of 5)(Cover B Erik Jones)",​$2.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Afrophidian #​2","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Aftermath #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Astrophobia #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Belfry Boys","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Belfry Boys #2 Pipe-Bombed","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Blokes Tomb Of Horror #​3","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Captain Mushface Volume 1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Christopher Moonlight","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​City Of Daemons #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Comic Bug #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Dedlock #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Did Somebody Call For A Hero #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Did Somebody Call For A Hero #​2","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Egum","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Fallen Justice #​4","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Fallen Justice #​5","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Fallen Justice #​6","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Hamster Rage #​0","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Leaves Of Yggdrasil 1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Livid Outbreak #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Marble Comics Volume 1: Startoons Super Force","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Never Seen","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Operation:​ For The Love Of Russia","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Oshin","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Out Of Context","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Phantom Of The Empire","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Psychic Soldier Kai","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Return Of The Lovin' Dead #​2","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Rob Hanes Adventures #​12","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Rob Hanes Archives","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Rod Poster 1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Rod Poster 2","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Rod Poster 3","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Short Sharp Shocks #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Sovereign Preview Issue","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​S.t.o.p. #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​The Lady Of Night","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​The Mcity Defender #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​The Rat","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​The Utopian #​3","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Vatican Assassin #​2","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Vigilance #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Wolalina #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​INDYPLANET UPDATES","​Worm Ouroboros The Hunting Party #​1","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","​Cyclades Board Game",​$59.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","​Myth Pantheons Card Game",​$24.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","​Sator Board Game",​$50.00
 +05/​05/​10,"​Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","​Three Musketeers Queens Pendants Board Game","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","​Game Of Thrones LCG Wilding Horde Chapter Pack",​$9.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","​Warhammer Fantasy RP Gathering Storm Box Set",​$39.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","​Warhammer Fantasy RP GM Toolkit",​$29.95
 +05/​05/​10,"​Games - HASBRO","​Iron Man Operation","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","​Gamemastery Face Cards Deck Enemies",​$10.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","​Gamemastery Map Pack Boats & Ships",​$12.99
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 +05/​05/​10,"​Videos","​Doctor Who Masque Of Mandragora DVD","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​Videos","​Doctor Who Monster Of Peladon DVD","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​Videos","​Iron Man 2 ACDC Deluxe CD","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​Videos","​Iron Man 2 ACDC Super Deluxe CD","​AR"​
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 +05/​05/​10,"​Videos","​Naruto Shippuden DVD Box Set Limited Edition Part 2","​AR"​
 +05/​05/​10,"​Videos","​Naruto Shippuden DVD Box Set Part 2","​AR"​
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 +05/​05/​10,"​Merchandise","​Bsg Boomer & Athena Action Figure 2-pack",​$31.98
 +05/​05/​10,"​Merchandise","​Clash Of The Titans Perseus Mez-itz",​$14.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​Merchandise","​DC Heroes Wave 12 Darkseid Action Figure Set",​$159.92
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 +05/​05/​10,"​Merchandise","​Three Stooges Larry Model Kit",​$23.99
 +05/​05/​10,"​Merchandise","​Three Stooges Moe Model Kit",​$23.99
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 +05/​05/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Black Kiss HC (by Howard Chaykin)(adult)",​$24.99</​csv>​
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