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 05/​01/​13,"​Merchandise","​Zombie Zoo 4-Inch Stich Mini Plush",​$6.99 05/​01/​13,"​Merchandise","​Zombie Zoo 4-Inch Stich Mini Plush",​$6.99
 05/​01/​13,"​Merchandise","​Zombie Zoo 4-Inch Toxic Mini Plush",​$6.99 05/​01/​13,"​Merchandise","​Zombie Zoo 4-Inch Toxic Mini Plush",​$6.99
-"adult products (ComicList neither recommends or condones the following titles. Read and use this information at your own risk.)",,,​ 
 05/​01/​13,"​EROS COMIX","​Housewives At Play Where'​s Your Mother GN (adult)",​$9.99 05/​01/​13,"​EROS COMIX","​Housewives At Play Where'​s Your Mother GN (adult)",​$9.99
 05/​01/​13,"​PROJECT H","​Happy Girls GN (adult)",​$17.95 05/​01/​13,"​PROJECT H","​Happy Girls GN (adult)",​$17.95
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