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 04/​13/​16,​FIRST SECOND,​Nameless City Volume 1 HC,$21.99 04/​13/​16,​FIRST SECOND,​Nameless City Volume 1 HC,$21.99
 04/​13/​16,​FIRST SECOND,​Nameless City Volume 1 SC,$14.99 04/​13/​16,​FIRST SECOND,​Nameless City Volume 1 SC,$14.99
-04/​13/​16,​FIRST SECOND,​Science Comics Coral Reefs Cities Of The Ocean SC,​$9.99 ​ 
 04/​13/​16,​GRAPHIC INDIA,​Reincarnation Man #3 (Of 4),$2.99 04/​13/​16,​GRAPHIC INDIA,​Reincarnation Man #3 (Of 4),$2.99
 04/​13/​16,​HIGH SPEED PRODUCTIONS,​Juxtapoz #184 (May 2016),$6.99 04/​13/​16,​HIGH SPEED PRODUCTIONS,​Juxtapoz #184 (May 2016),$6.99
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