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 +====== ComicList for 01/27/2010 ======
 +ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, January 27, 2010. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 2010 by Charles LePage.
 +ComicList headquarters:​ http://​
 +==== Acronyms you will find in the lists ====
 +  * AR = ask retailer for price
 +  * GN = graphic novel
 +  * HC = hardcover
 +  * MMPB = mass market paperback
 +  * SC = softcover
 +  * TP = trade paperback
 +01/​27/​10,"​007 MAGAZINE & ARCHIVE LTD","​007 Magazine #​52",​$17.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​656 COMICS","​Infestación The Mythology TP (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$20.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​ABSTRACT STUDIOS","​Terry Moores Echo #​19",​$3.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​ADHOUSE BOOKS","​Afrodisiac HC",​$14.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​AGE OF ADVENTURE","​Super Heroic Tales #4 (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$7.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​AMAZE INK/SLAVE LABOR GRAPHICS","​Serenity Rose Volume 2 Goodbye Crestfallen TP",​$19.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​ANTARCTIC PRESS","​Gold Digger Spellvis Return Of The King Special",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​ANTARCTIC PRESS","​Gold Digger Tech Manual #​10",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​ANTARCTIC PRESS","​President Evil #4 Yes We Cannibal",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​ARCANA STUDIO","​Don Bluth Space Ace #5 (of 6)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$3.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Archie #​605",​$2.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Betty & Veronica Digest #​201",​$2.69
 +01/​27/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Jugheads Double Digest #​157",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​ARCHIE COMICS","​Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 12 TP",​$7.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Absolution #3 (of 6)(Juan Jose Ryp Auxiliary Edition Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Alan Moore Neonomicon Hornbook (Jacen Burrows Signed Leather Cover)",​$9.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Chronicles Of Wormwood Last Battle #1 (of 6)(Jacen Burrows Auxiliary Edition Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Crossed #7 (of 9)(Juan Jose Ryp Variant Cover)",​$5.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​AVATAR PRESS","​Supergod #1 (of 5)(Michael Dipascale Auxiliary Edition Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BASEMENT COMICS/​AMRYL ENTERTAINMENT","​Cavewoman Cover Gallery #3 (Special Edition)",​$12.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BLACK LIBRARY","​Warhammer 40K Black Tide MMPB",​$8.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BLACK LIBRARY","​Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy Ravens Flight Audio Book",​$17.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​BLACK LIBRARY","​Warhammer 40K Rynns World MMPB",​$11.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BLACK LIBRARY","​Warhammer Death & Dishonour Anthology MMPB",​$8.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BLACK TOWER COMICS & BOOKS","​Tales Of Terror GN (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$13.56
 +01/​27/​10,"​BLIND FERRET ENTERTAINMENT","​Least I Could Do Volume 3 My Eyes Are Up Here TP",​$11.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS","​Legend Of Isis #​8",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS","​Political Power #6 George W Bush",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS","​Tom Corbett Space Cadet #​4",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BONGO COMICS","​Futurama Comics #​47",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BONGO COMICS","​Simpsons Classics #​23",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Cars Volume 2 Radiator Springs HC (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Cars Volume 2 Radiator Springs TP",​$9.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Die Hard Year One #5 (Cover A Dave Johnson & Joe Cusko)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Die Hard Year One #5 (Cover B John Paul Leon)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Die Hard Year One #5 (Joe Jusko Variant Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep #8 (of 24)(Cover A Brett Weldele)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep #8 (of 24)(Cover B Scott Keating)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Donald Duck And Friends #350 (Cover A Magic Eye Studios)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Donald Duck And Friends #350 (Cover B Magic Eye Studios)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Incredibles Volume 2 City Of Incredibles HC (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Incredibles Volume 2 City Of Incredibles TP",​$9.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Irredeemable #10 (Cover A Paul Azaceta)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Irredeemable #10 (Cover B Dan Panosian)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Irredeemable #10 (Jeffrey Spokes Variant Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Unknown Devil Made Flesh #4 (Cover A Erik Jones)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Unknown Devil Made Flesh #4 (Cover B Alexander Stojanov)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Wall-E #2 (Cover A Morgan Luthi)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BOOM! STUDIOS","​Wall-E #2 (Cover B Morgan Luthi)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​BROADSWORD COMICS","​Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #​60",​$2.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​COMIC SHOP NEWS","​Comic Shop News #​1180","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Bride Of The Water God Volume 5 TP",​$9.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Gelaskins 15 Inch Laptop Bettie Page Beach",​$29.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Predator #4 (of 4)",​$3.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Star Wars Legacy #44 (Monster Part 2 of 4)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DARK HORSE","​Tim Burton Toxic Boy 7 Inch Vinyl Figure",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Astro City The Dark Age Book Four #1 (of 4)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Atom And Hawkman #46 (One Shot)(Blackest Night Tie-In)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman And Robin #7 (Cameron Stewart Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman And Robin #7 (Frank Quitely Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Beyond 1/6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figure",​$99.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Batman Under The Cowl TP",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Billy Batson And The Magic Of SHAZAM #​12",​$2.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Blackest Night #3 (of 8)(Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert Recolored 2nd Printing Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Blackest Night JSA #2 (of 3)(Eddy Barrows & Nei Ruffino Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Blackest Night JSA #2 (of 3)(Gene Ha Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​DC Comics Blackest Night 144 Pc Button Assortment","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Detective Comics #​861",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Go Go Heaven Volume 8 TP (CMX)",​$9.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Gotham City Sirens #​8",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Green Lantern #50 (Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy Regular Cover)(Blackest Night Tie-In)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Green Lantern #50 (Doug Mahnke Sketch Variant Cover)(Blackest Night Tie-In)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Green Lantern #50 (Jim Lee Variant Cover)(Blackest Night Tie-In)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Heroes Of The DC Universe The Flash Bust",​$70.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​House Of Mystery Volume 3 The Space Between TP",​$14.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Jack Of Fables #​42",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League Cry For Justice #6 (of 7)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League Of America #41 (Cover A Mark Bagley 'Green Lantern and Green Arrow'​)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Justice League Of America #41 (Cover B 'Mark Bagley '​Batman and Mon-El'​)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Justice Society Of America #​35",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Justice Society Of America Strange Adventures TP",​$14.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Losers Volume 1 And 2 TP",​$19.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Madame Xanadu #​19",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Northlanders #​24",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Stolen Hearts Volume 1 TP (CMX)",​$9.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Supergirl #​49",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Superman #​696",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Superman Secret Origin #4 (of 6)(Gary Frank Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Superman Secret Origin #4 (of 6)(Gary Frank Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps Volume 2 TP",​$19.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Teen Titans #​79",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Unknown Soldier #​16",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Victorian Undead #3 (of 6)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Web #​5",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Wildcats #​19",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Wildcats Family Secrets TP",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Wonder Woman #​40",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Worlds Finest #4 (of 4)(Cover A Phil Noto '​Superman'​)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DC COMICS","​Worlds Finest #4 (of 4)(Cover B Phil Noto '​Batman'​)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DEL REY MANGA","​Four-Eyed Prince Volume 2 GN",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DEL REY MANGA","​Kamichama Karin Chu Volume 7 GN",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DEL REY MANGA","​Sayonara Zetsubo-Sensei Volume 5 GN",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DEL REY MANGA","​Shugo Chara! Volume 8 GN",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DEL REY MANGA","​Tsubasa Volume 25 GN",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DESPERADO PUBLISHING","​Deadworld Volume 3 Slaughterhouse HC",​$19.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING","​Spartacus Blood And Sand #4 (of 4)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DIAMOND PUBLISHING","​Game Trade Magazine #​120",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DIAMOND PUBLISHING","​Previews #257 (February 2010)",​$4.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","​Yashakiden Demon Princess Novel Volume 1 (of 3)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$13.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​DK PUBLISHING","​Vertigo Encyclopedia HC",​$30.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​DRAWN AND QUARTERLY","​Dirty Dishes GN",​$14.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Black Terror #7 (Alex Ross Cover)",​$3.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Black Terror #7 (Alex Ross Negative Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Black Terror #7 (Alex Ross Virgin Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Black Terror #7 (Jonathan Lau Cover)",​$3.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Black Terror #7 (Stephen Sadowski Cover)",​$3.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Buck Rogers #8 (Carlos Rafael Cover)",​$3.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Buck Rogers #8 (John Watson Cover)",​$3.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Complete Alice In Wonderland #2 (of 4)",​$4.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Man With No Name Volume 2 Holliday In The Sun TP",​$16.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Robocop #1 (Johnny D. Cover)",​$3.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Robocop #1 (Stephen Segovia Black & White Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Robocop #1 (Stephen Segovia Cover)",​$3.50
 +01/​27/​10,"​DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","​Robocop #1 (Stephen Segovia Negative Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​EDITIONS AKILEOS","​A Sketchy Past The Art of Peter de Seve HC",​$54.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​FAB PRESS","​Art Of The Nasty HC",​$34.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Hank Ketchams Complete Dennis The Menace Volume 6 1961-1962 HC (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","​Hotwire Comics Volume 3 GN",​$22.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​FANTASMUS-ART","​Benign Icons Art Of Patrick James Woodroffe HC",​$49.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​FANTASMUS-ART","​Shadowplay Art Of Mark Wilkinson HC",​$39.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​FRESH FEAR","​Campus Ghost Story GN (per Haven Distributors)",​$12.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​GAMES WORKSHOP","​White Dwarf #​360",​$9.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​GLORIA PIKE","​Untitled!:​ Rivals (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$7.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​GRAPHICAUDIO","​DC Comics Countdown Audio CD","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​IAN MCDUFFIE","​Birds And Wolves Chapters 1 And 2 GN (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$12.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Complete World War Robot HC",​$29.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. Joe Cobra II #1 (Antonio Fuso Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. Joe Cobra II #1 (Howard Chaykin Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​G.I. Joe Cobra II #1 (Howard Chaykin Virgin Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Star Trek The Next Generation Ghosts #3 (Joe Corroney Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Star Trek The Next Generation Ghosts #3 (Joe Corroney Virgin Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Last Stand Of The Wreckers #1 (of 5)(Nick Roche Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Last Stand Of The Wreckers #1 (of 5)(Trevor Hutchison Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Transformers Last Stand Of The Wreckers #1 (of 5)(Trevor Hutchison Variant Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​IDW PUBLISHING","​Wizards Tale Volume 1 HC",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Art Of Greg Horn Volume 2 Cover Stories HC",​$39.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Chew #​8",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Cyberforce Hunter Killer #2 (of 5)(Eric Basaldua Long Beach Comic Con Cover)",​$10.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​First Born Broken Trinity Deluxe HC",​$100.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Frank Frazettas Dark Kingdom #4 (of 4)(Cover A Frank Frazetta)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Frank Frazettas Dark Kingdom #4 (of 4)(Cover B Tim Vigil)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Frank Frazettas Dark Kingdom #4 (of 4)(Nat Jones Pencil Sketch Incentive Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Gear Left Of Center Of The Universe Audio CD",​$12.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Gear Left Of Center Of The Universe Audio CD (Limited Signed Edition)",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Pilot Season Demonic #​1",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Sky Pirates Of Neo Terra #5 (of 5)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Sword #​21",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Walking Dead #​69",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Witchblade #128 (Stjepan Sejic SDCC Exclusive Signed Variant)",​$14.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Witchblade #129 (John Tyler Christopher Wizard World Chicago Variant)",​$10.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Witchblade #131 (Stjepan Sejic Baltimore Comicon Cover)",​$10.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Witchblade #132 (Green Virginia Comicon Variant Cover)",​$10.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Witchblade #134 (Cover A Stjepan Sejic)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​IMAGE COMICS","​Witchblade #134 (Cover B Michal Ivan)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​ISAAC MEJIA","​Dragon Chapel (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$23.83
 +01/​27/​10,"​JOHN A ADAMS","​Rondo (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$10.40
 +01/​27/​10,"​JOSEPH R. GUY","​One Childs Cry For Hope (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$23.60
 +01/​27/​10,"​KENZER AND COMPANY","​Knights Of The Dinner Table #​158",​$4.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​LAST GASP","​Barefoot Gen Volume 10 Never Give Up TP",​$14.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​LAST GASP","​Barefoot Gen Volume 9 Breaking Down Borders TP",​$14.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​LUMOTECHNICS DIVISION","​Seamonster The Complete Edition TP (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$42.55
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Alias Ultimate Collection Book 2 TP",​$34.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Amazing Spider-Man #619 (The Gauntlet Tie-In)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers Initiative #32 (Siege Tie-In)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Avengers World Trust HC (Premiere Edition)",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Captain America Reborn #6 (of 6)(Bryan Hitch Wraparound Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Captain America Reborn #6 (of 6)(Joe Quesada Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Captain America Reborn #6 (of 6)(John Cassaday Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Daredevil #​504",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Dark Reign Hawkeye #5 (of 5)(Dark Reign Tie-In)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Fall Of Hulks Red Hulk #1 (of 4)(Fall Of The Hulks Tie-In)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Fall Of The Hulks Gamma (Ed McGuinness 2nd Printing Variant Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Fantastic Four #575 (Alan Davis Regular Cover)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Fantastic Four #575 (Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic Invisible Woman Marvel Women Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Guardians Of The Galaxy #22 (Realm Of Kings Tie-In)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Halo Blood Line #2 (of 5)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​House Of M Wolverine Iron Man & Hulk HC",​$39.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Hulk Son Of Hulk Dark Son Rising HC",​$19.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Hulk Visionaries Peter David Volume 7 TP",​$29.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Iron Man I Am Iron Man #1 (of 2)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Iron Man Vs Whiplash #3 (of 4)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Kick Ass #​8",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #​59",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvel Adventures Spider-Man And The Avengers Digest TP",​$9.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Volume 3 TP (Dean White Book Market Cover)",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Volume 3 TP (Jack Kirby Direct Market Cover)(Variant Edition Volume 13)",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvel Previews #78 (April 2010)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Marvelous Land Of Oz #3 (of 8)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ms Marvel #​49",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​New Avengers #61 (Siege Tie-In)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A To Z Volume 12 HC (Premiere Edition)",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Official Index To Marvel Universe #​13",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Punisher #​13",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Secret Warriors #​12",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Secret Warriors Volume 2 God Of Fear God Of War HC (Premiere Edition)",​$19.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Siege Storming Asgard Heroes And Villains (Greg Land Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Siege Storming Asgard Heroes and Villains (Greg Land Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Spider-Man The Clone Saga #5 (of 6)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Thor #​606",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ultimate Comics Enemy #1 (of 4)(Ed McGuiness Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ultimate Comics Enemy #1 (of 4)(Jason Pearson Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Ultimate Comics Enemy #1 (of 4)(Rafa Sandoval Foilogram Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine Origins #​44",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​Wolverine Wendigo #​1",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Babies #4 (of 4)(Jacob Chabot Star Comics Variant Cover)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Babies #4 (of 4)(Skottie Young Regular Cover)",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Factor #​201",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Force #23 (Clayton Crain Regular Cover)(X-Necrosha Tie-In)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Force #23 (Clayton Crain Variant Cover)(X-Necrosha Tie-In)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Men Forever #​16",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MARVEL COMICS","​X-Men Legacy #232 (X-Necrosha Tie-In)",​$2.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​MCFARLAND & COMPANY","​Irwin Allen Television Productions 1964-1970 SC (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$39.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​ONI PRESS","​Resurrection Volume 2 #​7",​$3.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​RANDOM HOUSE","​Iron Man Virus MMPB (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$7.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​RANDOM HOUSE","​Star Trek Art Of Film HC",​$29.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​RANDOM HOUSE","​Star Wars Crosscurrent MMPB (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$7.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​REBELLION","​2000 AD Pack Dec 2009 (issues 1664 to 1665)",​$9.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS","​Doc Savage Double Novel Volume 33 (James Bama Cover)",​$12.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS","​Doc Savage Double Novel Volume 33 (Regular Cover)",​$12.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS","​Shadow Double Novel Volume 34",​$12.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​SOLO PUBLISHING","​Cinema Retro #​16",​$11.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TERRY WEBB","​Amazing Figure Modeler #​46",​$8.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​TITAN BOOKS","​Tank Girl Volume 5 Apocalypse TP (Remastered Edition)",​$14.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​TITAN PUBLISHING","​Star Wars Insider Special Edition 2009-2010",​$14.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOHAN CORPORATION","​Hobby Japan #73 (Jan 2010)",​$12.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOHAN CORPORATION","​Megami Dec 2009",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOHAN CORPORATION","​Newtype Dec 2009",​$13.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​.hack//​G.U. Volume 2 Novel",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​Alice In The Country Of Hearts Volume 1 GN",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​Animal Academy Volume 3 Hakobune Hakusho GN (of 7)",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​Deadman Wonderland Volume 1 GN",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​Elemental Gelade Volume 11 GN (of 14)(resolicited)",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​Karakuri Odette Volume 2 GN (of 6)",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​NG Life Volume 4 GN (of 6)",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​Phantom Dream Volume 5 GN (of 5)",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​Portrait Of M & N Volume 1 GN (of 6)",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​Remember GN",​$14.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​Togainu no Chi Volume 5 GN (of 5)",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​TOKYOPOP","​Zone-00 Volume 3 GN (of 5)",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​UMG PRODUCTIONS","​Little Dragon GN (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND","​Vermont Monster Guide",​$18.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​VIZ MEDIA","​Kimi ni Todoke Volume 3 From Me To You GN",​$9.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT","​Wizard Magazine #222 (Lost Cover)",​$5.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT","​Wizard Magazine #222 (Marvel Siege Cover)",​$5.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​WORMICK'​S DISCIPLE ENTERTAINMENT","​Combo The July Fourth Disaster Part 1 GN (per; release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",​$15.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​YEN PRESS","​Zombie Loan Volume 7 TP",​$10.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Neverland #0 (of 6)(Cover A)",​$1.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","​Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Neverland #0 (of 6)(Cover B)",​$1.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Cards - GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS GROUP","​America At War - WWII & Band Of Brothers Series 1 Trading Card Box","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Cards - RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES","​Lost Seasons 1 Thru 5 Trading Card Box","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Cards - UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT","​Upper Deck 2009 10 Spx NHL Trading Card Box","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","​World Without End Board Game",​$49.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - CUBICLE 7 ENTERTAINMENT LTD","​Starblazer RPG Mindjammer",​$29.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","​Runewars Board Game",​$99.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - HASBRO","​Star Wars R2D2 Is In Trouble","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - KONAMI DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT","​Yu Gi Oh TCG 5ds Duelist Pack Yusei 2 Dis","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - MONGOOSE PUBLISHING","​Dragon Warriors RPG Friends Or Foes",​$19.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - MONGOOSE PUBLISHING","​Judge Dredd RPG Megacity 1 Volume 1 Justice Dept",​$29.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - MONGOOSE PUBLISHING","​Paranoia RPG GM Screen",​$14.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - MONGOOSE PUBLISHING","​Runequest II RPG Core Rulebook HC",​$39.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - MONGOOSE PUBLISHING","​Traveller RPG Strontium Dog Bounties Warrants",​$24.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - SPORTS IMAGES INC.","​UP MTG Mana Deck Box Black","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - SPORTS IMAGES INC.","​UP MTG Mana Deck Box Blue","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - SPORTS IMAGES INC.","​UP MTG Mana Deck Box Green","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - SPORTS IMAGES INC.","​UP MTG Mana Deck Box Red","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - SPORTS IMAGES INC.","​UP MTG Mana Deck Box White","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - SPORTS IMAGES INC.","​UP MTG Mana Symbol 9 Pkt Portfolio","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - SPORTS IMAGES INC.","​UP MTG Mana Symbol Dividers Set","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - WIZARDS OF THE COAST","​MTG Planechase Card Game Inner Carton",​$79.96
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - WIZARDS OF THE COAST","​Star Wars Cmg Dark Times Booster Pack",​$14.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - WIZARDS OF THE COAST","​Star Wars RPG Galaxy Of Intrigue",​$39.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​Games - Z-MAN GAMES INC","​Dungeon Lords Board Game",​$65.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Black Lantern Symbol II T-Shirt LG",​$17.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Black Lantern Symbol II T-Shirt MED",​$17.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Black Lantern Symbol II T-Shirt XL",​$17.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Black Lantern Symbol II T-Shirt XXL",​$20.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Braaiins Gid T-Shirt LG",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Braaiins Gid T-Shirt MED",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Braaiins Gid T-Shirt XL",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Night Of The Living Dead Karen Cooper Black T-Shirt LG",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Night Of The Living Dead Karen Cooper Black T-Shirt MED",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​Night Of The Living Dead Karen Cooper Black T-Shirt XL",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​President Evil T-Shirt LG",​$17.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​President Evil T-Shirt XL",​$17.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​President Evil T-Shirt XXL",​$18.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​WoW Tanks Youre Welcome Black T-Shirt LG",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​WoW Tanks Youre Welcome Black T-Shirt MED",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​WoW Tanks Youre Welcome Black T-Shirt XL",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​WoW Tanks Youre Welcome Black T-Shirt XXL",​$18.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​WoW Warrior Legendary Class Black T-Shirt LG",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​WoW Warrior Legendary Class Black T-Shirt MED",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​WoW Warrior Legendary Class Black T-Shirt XL",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​T-Shirts","​WoW Warrior Legendary Class Black T-Shirt XXL",​$18.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Videos","​Soul Eater Part 1 DVD","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Videos","​Wolverine & The X-Men Animated DVD Box Set","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Battlestar Galactica Tigh & Gaeta Action Figure 2-Pack",​$31.98
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Cable Mini-Bust",​$60.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Danny Ketch Ghost Rider Statue",​$175.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Set",​$39.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Galaxy Quest Ion Nebulizer & Vox Communicator Kit",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Galaxy Quest Nsea Protector Scale Model Kit",​$29.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Hyperion Mini-Bust",​$55.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider Statue",​$170.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Kubrick Bearbrick Series 19 24pc Bmb Dis","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Living Dead Dolls Twisted Love Series Assortment","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​LOTR Bearded Axe of Gimli Prop Replica","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Loz Link 7in Statue Goron Tunic Ver",​$129.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Loz Link 7in Statue Zora Tunic Ver",​$129.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Marvel Minimate Web Armor Spider-Man","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Pac-Man Bonus Fruit Energy Drink 24ct Case","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Punisher Black Ski Mask",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Simpsons Homer Moving Arms Wall Clock",​$40.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Spider-Man Black Ski Mask",​$17.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Star Trek Talking Communicator Keychain",​$9.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Star Trek Vulcan Shuttle Model Kit",​$27.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Clock Radio",​$49.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Street Fighter Akuma Large Scale Bust",​$175.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Super Mario Bros Coin Candy Tin 12 Ct Disp","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Star Wars Ultimate 1/4 Scale Emperor Palpatine Action Figure",​$79.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Tonner Disney Beauty & The Beast Belle Doll","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Twilight New Moon 7-in Action Figure Series 2 Assortment","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Uglydoll Icebat Gid Action Figure Bmb 6 Pc Set",​$48.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​Wolfman Movie Medallion Prop",​$14.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​WoW Horde Crest Leather Wallet",​$24.99
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​WWE Classic Superstars Series 28 Action Figure Assortment","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​WWE Deluxe Aggression Series 24 Action Figure Assortment","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Merchandise","​WWE Ruthless Aggression Series 44 Action Figure Assortment","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​NBM/​EUROTICA","​Barbarian Chicks And Demons Volume 2 TP",​$11.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​NBM/​EUROTICA","​Sizzle #39-41 Pack (adult)",​$15.00
 +01/​27/​10,"​SQPINC","​Claudio Aboy Voluptuous SC (adult)",​$9.95
 +01/​27/​10,"​Cards - IBX TRADING CO","​Juicy Honey 2009 Premium Edition Visual Collectors Trading Card Box (adult)","​AR"​
 +01/​27/​10,"​Videos","​Anime Sluts DVD (adult)","​AR"</​csv>​
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