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 01/​14/​15,​BOOM! STUDIOS,​Steven Universe #6 (Cover B Meg Gandy),​$3.99 ​ 01/​14/​15,​BOOM! STUDIOS,​Steven Universe #6 (Cover B Meg Gandy),​$3.99 ​
 01/​14/​15,​BOOM! STUDIOS,​Steven Universe #6 (Cover C Helen Yoon),AR 01/​14/​15,​BOOM! STUDIOS,​Steven Universe #6 (Cover C Helen Yoon),AR
 +01/​14/​15,​BOOM! STUDIOS,​Suicide Risk #21 (Cover A Elena Casagrande),​$3.99
 01/​14/​15,​BOOM! STUDIOS,​Teen Dog #5 (Cover A Jake Lawrence),​$3.99 ​ 01/​14/​15,​BOOM! STUDIOS,​Teen Dog #5 (Cover A Jake Lawrence),​$3.99 ​
 01/​14/​15,​BOOM! STUDIOS,​Thomas Alsop #8 (Of 8)(Cover A Palle Schmidt),​$3.99 ​ 01/​14/​15,​BOOM! STUDIOS,​Thomas Alsop #8 (Of 8)(Cover A Palle Schmidt),​$3.99 ​
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